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Chapter 1 Tutorials Tutorials Tutorials РGenerally package contains many classes, which support to use in the execution of java application based on I/O streams.The classes for systems I/O in package are provided through serialization, data streams and the file system. using particular class and its functions from package.

Based on the reading and writing data there are certain concerns ¬†regarding Java’s IO package. they are

  • Files
  • Pipes
  • Buffers like array
  • Network connections
  • Tutorials – The classes with streams mentioned in the above figure will be discussed in coming lessons. Java I/O (Input and Output) is utilized to handle the information and produce the yield in light of the input. Java utilizes the idea of stream to make I/O operation quick. The bundle contains every one of the classes required for information and yield operations.

FileInputStream : Java FileInputStream class gets input bytes from a file. It is utilized for perusing floods of crude bytes, for example, picture information. For perusing floods of characters, consider utilizing FileReader. It ought to be utilized to peruse byte-situated information for instance to peruse picture, sound, video and so on.
FileOutputStream : Java FileOutputStream is a yield stream for composing information to a file. If one need to compose primitive values then utilize FileOutputStream.Instead, for character-situated information, lean toward FileWriter. But you can compose byte-arranged and additionally character-arranged information.
BufferedInputStream :Java BufferedInputStream class is utilized to peruse data from stream. It inside utilizations cradle system to make the execution quick.
BufferedOutputStream :Java BufferedOutputStream class utilizes an interior cushion to store information. It adds more effectiveness than to compose information straightforwardly into a stream. Along these lines, it makes the execution quick.


  • Tutorials – System.out is a standard output stream
  • Tutorials – System.err is a standard error stream
  • Java application utilizes a output stream to compose information to a goal