Oracle - SPLessons

Chapter 2

Oracle 12C Installation

Oracle 12C Installation

Oracle 12C Installation can be preformed on Windows 8 64 bit OS, download the set-up files from

The following steps describe the process of Oracle 12C Installation in Windows Operating System.

Open on the browser and click on Download button.

Click on Downloads, and select Oracle Database.

Select the check box Accept the licence agreement.
In enterprise edition, download Microsoft window x64 (64-bits) File-1 and File-2.

Select the check box Accept the licence agreement.
Download both the Oracle database zip-files.
Extract the zip files in folders.
Click on Setup button and Run as administrator.
The Setup file will run like below.
Oracle 12C Installation process is gathering the system details.
Uncheck the box “I wish to receive security updates via My Oracle support” if not needed and click on Next button.
Click on Yes button.
Select the check box, Use Windows Built-in Account. And click on Next button.
Click on Install button.
Oracle Database is Installing the products.
Configuration of the Database assistants can be done as below.
Click on OK button for password management.
The installation of Oracle Database is successfully completed.
To check whether installation is completed or not,goto SQL Plus Command line and enter user name and password which was given during the installation process.


  • Oracle 12C Installation – Is an Relational Database Management System product.
  • Supports – Windows-7,windows-8,window server 2008 R2 and windows server 2012.
  • Oracle 12c – Supports for windows 64 bits environment and doesn’t support in 32 bits operating system.

Make sure to copy the below components of database_2 to database_1.