Oracle - SPLessons

Chapter 5

Oracle Naming Methods

Oracle Naming Methods

To associate with an administration, user utilize an interface identifier in the associate string to relate with an database assistance. The associate identifier can be an interface descriptor or a basic name that maps to an associate descriptor. The interface descriptor consists of:

Naming Method Configurations

A basic name is set out to an associate descriptor by a naming technique. Naming strategy arrangement comprises of the accompanying stages:

Connection Description

An associate descriptor consists of multiple convention IP Addresses of the audience and interface information data for the terminal section utility. The accompanying illustration demonstrates an interface descriptor mapped to elementary name called variable length:

variablelength =
        (ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL = TCP)(HOST = oraserver)(PORT = 1521)
      (SERVICE_NAME = variablelength)
Address => consisits of IP protocol address of listener.
Connect_Data => Contain the information of target assistance.

The Oracle client software parses TNSNAMES.ORA to do a resolution. Another way to go is to ignore TNSNAMES.ORA and use easy connect. All the exact specifications are full connection string on the command line. And the password should be consists of connect user and passwords. And user forward slash password at the server name, and then optionally colon port number forward slash service name. Especially linux is susceptible for displaying those aurgements in a run of the ps command, but easy connect is a way to bypass TNSNAMES.ORA. For trouble shooting the connectivity issuess related to oracle DBA’s is a very difficult and is simple problem with a TNSNAMES file or maybe the listener hasn’t been reset or reloaded. This essentially oracle’s version of active directory and can identity management and also publish on oracle services in OID, as long as the client systems is present in the organisations. And an trapped into that directory database with a specific and easy resolution inside the oracle instance.


  • Oracle Naming Methods – Process of connecting clients to oracle database.
  • Naming Method Configurations – Are the parameters specifics the order of naming methods.