C Programming - SPLessons

Chapter 13

Printf C

C Programming - SPLessons

Printf C

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“Printf C” chapter gives clear description about how to take input and give output and various format specifiers used.

Any language will be finally used to input/output the data from/to the user which shows its success rate. C-language also has input and output functions for taking the data and returning the data from a program. This action requires keyboard for inputting and monitor screen for outputting. As soon as the program starts, compiler gives access to the those devices by using:


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Input in C-language can be given using “scanf() function. scanf() function requires access over the address of the value entered.

& is used for locating the address of the given input. It takes the input form stdin. To read any character, scanf() takes the help of format specifiers.

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In the below example, compiler asks to enter a number and scans it.

int main()
	int a;
	printf("Enter a number ");


Enter a number 5


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Output in C-language can be given by using “printf() function. printf() returns the characters taken by it. printf() C function supports two type of characters. The characters need to be placed within the quotes( ” ” ).

shape Example

int main(void)
	printf("Welcome to splessons");
	return 0;


Welcome to splessons

Format specifiers

shape Table

Format Specifier Description Supported data types
%d Signed integerint short,unsigned short,int,long
%hi Signed integer(short) short
%hu Unsigned integer(short) unsigned short
%i Signed integer(short) short,unsigned short,int,long
%l or %ld or %li Signed integer long
%lu Unsigned integer unsigned int, unsigned long
%u Unsigned integer(short) unsigned int, unsigned long
%lli,%lld Signed integer(short) long long
%llu Unsigned integer(short) unsigned long long
%o Octal representation of integer(short) short,unsigned short,int,unsigned int,long
%x oor %X Hexadecimal representation of Unsigned integer(short) short,unsigned short,int,unsigned int,long
%c Character char,unsigned char
%p Address of pointer to void void* void*
%s String char*
%e or %E Scientific notatiom of float values float,double
%f Floating point float
%g or %G Similar as %e or %E float,double
%lf Floating point double
%Lf Floating point long double
%n Prints nothing
%% Prints % character


shape Key Points

“Printf C” chapter draws out following main points.

  • printf() C function is used to print the output.
  • scanf() function reads the input given.
  • Format specifiers helps in finding the inputted data type.

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