SharePoint Document sets

Document sets are similar to folders, but when we access a document set we will get a web part page that can be customized. When we upload documents to a document set they are displayed in a web part that works just like a document library view. Several document set features make it faster and easier to work on projects of related documents.
Shared metadata enforces the same metadata on all items inside the document set.Default documents can be automatically provisioned when a document set is created.A web part page called the welcome page displays the contents of the document set and can also be customized to display more information than just documents.

We can  Find Document set webpart like below

  1. Go to the sharepoint site page click Edit Page.
  2. Choose a zone for the Web Part, and then click Add a Web Part in that zone. The Add Web Parts Web Page dialog box opens.
  3. In the Add Web Parts dialog box, here select the Document sets Web Parts.