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Create a site collection in SharePoint 2013

Create a site collection in SharePoint 2013


Hi,Today  we are going to see how to  Create a site collection in SharePoint 2013,  Before going to create site collection we have to create a Web application in  central admin SharePoint. In Our Splessons we  posted previous post how to create web application in SharePoint

Step 1:

Let’s start by navigation to the SharePoint Central Administration. Here we will find under Application Management, Click on  Create Site Collection  link Button

Please select the web application URL If  you want to create site collection under the current  web application just go ahead other wise click change web application.


Here am selecting my web application Splesson 5151 URL



Step 2:

Then enter Title ,description and select Template and click ok button



Here it will take few seconds like bellow window



Step 3:

Once completed a message pop-up will come . Click on the url link to navigate to the newly created site collection



The new Site Collection named Splessons with Team Site template has been created.