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How to create List Column in SharePoint

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How to create List Column in SharePoint

How to create List Column in SharePoint


Hi,Previous post we learn how to create custom list in SharePoint, Now  I am going to implement how create to create list column in SharePoint.

We have many options for the type of column that you create, including a single line of text, Multiple lines of text, a drop-down list in which you specify the options, a number that is calculated from other columns,the name and picture of a person on your site. Like this we have several type of colums in sharepoint.

Step 1:

Go to the list navigation  bar  and click list link button


Here we have two  options to create column,First One is Create column(If click This Button Direct Create column Popup window  will open) or  Second one is list Settings. now  we are  choosing List Settings


Click on Create Column Link button


Step 2:

  • This is the Name and Type section, type the name which one you want in the Column name text box.
  • Under The type of information in this column is, select the type that you want to appear in the column.
  • In the Additional Column Settings section, if we want type a description in the Description box to people understand the purpose of the column,This description is optional.
  • Depends on the type of column what you selected, more options may appear in the Additional Column Settings section. Select the additional settings that you want.
  • To add the column to the default view, which people on your site automatically see when they first open a list or library, click Add to default view.
  • Click OK.


Step 3:

Previous Step we selected Single line text,Here we are selecting Choice


Step 4:

After we created columns ,those columns will appear here


If you Click the  Add new  Button   on the List ,here you can see Created columns