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Apache ANT

Chapter 2

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Apache ANT

Apache ANT


shape Introduction

Apache ANT stands for Apache Another Neat Tool. Apache ANT chapter gives an idea about:

  • ANT History
  • ANT Functions
  • ANT Uses

shape Description

Apache ANT is a very powerful build tool that helps in building automated software processes and has the full portability of pure java code.

ANT is an open source java application maintained by Apache Software Foundation. Ant is cross-platformed and portable but not a programming language.


shape Description

ANT was created by James Duncan Davidson and released in the year 2000. The main reason behind creating ANT is James found difficulty while implementing servlets and JSP’s to Tomcat server. He designed Tomcat in a simple build process such that it works on any java platform.

As ANT deploys easily, integrates with the database and helps in email & sound notifications of the build completion, ANT has become a powerful build tool.


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ANT performs various functions in many Java Platforms. ANT will

shape Conceptual


shape Importance

ANT Build Tool

shape Description

Actually, build tools are the programs that convert source code to executable applications(compiling, linking and packing the code) by automating. In software development, build automation is very important as it scripts variety of tasks. Currently, the following build tools are available in the market:

  • Java – ANT, Maven, Gradle
  • C# – Ms.Build
  • .Net – NANT


shape Key Points

  • ANT is Another Neat Tool.
  • ANT Build Tool is helpful in automating large software projects.
  • ANT is platform independent.