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Blood Relationship Concepts Reasoning Ability

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Blood Relationship Concepts Reasoning Ability

Blood Relationship Concepts Reasoning Ability

shape Introduction

Blood relation is an important Section from verbal reasoning concept Keeping in view the competitive Exams, Interviews, Entrance tests etc..,In Blood Relations, certain information is given about the members of the family in the question, Based on that information we need to find out the relationship between a particular member of the family.

shape Quick tips

  • While attempting Blood Relation questions, first we should read the ‘Directions’ given carefully

  • Then pin-point the two persons between whom the relationship is to be established

  • Try to connect the given relationships

  • While determining the relationships between two persons one should be careful about the sexes of the persons involved.

  • Sometimes it is not possible to define relationships between two persons without knowing their sex

  • shape Relations

    Description Relation
    Mother’s side relations Maternal
    Father’s side relations Paternal
    Mother’s or Father’s Son Brother
    Mother’s or Father’s Daughter Sister
    Mother’s or Father’s Brother Maternal/ Paternal Uncle
    Mother’s or Father’s Sister Maternal/ Paternal Aunt
    Mother’s or Father’s Father Maternal/ Paternal Grandfather
    Mother’s or Father’s Mother Maternal/ Paternal Grandmother
    Son’s Wife Daughter in Law
    Daughter’s Husband Son in Law
    Brother’s or Sister’s Son Nephew
    Brother’s or Sister’s Daughter Niece
    Uncle or Aunt’s son or daughter Cousin
    Sister’s Husband Brother-in-Law
    Brother’s Wife Sister-in-Law
    Father’s Wife Mother
    Mother’s Husband Father
    Grandfather’s or Grandmother’s Son Father/Uncle
    Grandfather’s or Grandmother’s Daughter-in-Law/Daughter Mother/Aunt
    Grandfather’s or Grandmother’s only Daughter-in-Law/Daughter Mother
    Father’s or Mother’s only son/daughter Himself/Herself

    shape Example


  • B + C means B is the daughter of C

  • B × C means B is the son of C

  • B – c means B is the wife of c

  • Question: If Z × T – S × U + P, then what is U to Z?


    STEP 1:

  • Z is the son of T
  • Z is male
  • T can be either male/female

  • STEP 2:

  • T is wife of S
  • T is female
  • S is male
  • T & S are parents of Z

  • STEP 3:

  • S is son of U
  • U can be either male/female
  • Therefore U is either Grandfather or Grandmother of Z
  • Answer: U is Grandmother of Z