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Canara Bank PO 2018 Quick Tips

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Canara Bank PO 2018 Quick Tips

Canara Bank PO 2018 Quick Tips

Canara Bank PO Examination for admission to the PGDBF program is scheduled to be held on 4th of March 2018. The pattern of the exam is as shown in the table. This article presents some of the primary last minute tips to ace the exam with superior performance and avoiding stress.

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Canara Bank PO 2018 Exam Pattern:

Subject Medium of examination No. of Questions Marks Time
Reasoning English & Hindi 50 50 2 hours
Quantitative Aptitude English & Hindi 50 50
English Language English 50 50
General Awareness English & Hindi 50 50
Total 200 200

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1. Read all the instructions carefully on the computer screen.

2. Time Management: The test duration is 2 hours and individual sections are not timed. So, divide your time wisely. An ideal time allocation would be as shown in the table. Remember each individual is different. The candidates can use the below table as a reference and prepare their own time allocations based on their individual strengths and weaknesses.

Subject Duration
Reasoning 40-45 minutes
Quantitative Aptitude 40-45 minutes
English Language 20 minutes
General Awareness 15 minutes

3. Accuracy and Speed: Make sure to quickly run through all the questions to get an idea of the difficulty of the exam. This will help you to smartly decide which section to choose to attempt first. Try to attempt all the easy and familiar questions. To maintain speed and accuracy, the mind needs to be focused.

4. Make sure to use the last 5-10 minutes to review your answers.

5. If you get stuck on a question, mark it for review and proceed to the next question and in the last 30 minutes make sure to check all the questions that you have marked for review.

6. Beware of Negative marking of 0.25. Avoid direct/blind guess work. Use the elimination method to eliminate 2-3 options before making calculated guesses. There is no negative marking for unanswered questions.

7. Be prepared for surprises. I.e. be prepared for new types of questions. Do not panic. Take a minute to read the instructions and attempt accordingly.

1. Admit Card.
2. Photo Id (Original + Photo Copy). [PAN Card / Passport / Driving License / Voters Card / Aadhaar Card for verification.]
3. Ball Point Pen.
4. Reach Exam Center at least 30 minutes before Reporting time.
5. Stay Calm, Confident and Focused.
6. Don’t get stuck on any question for too long.
1. For Biometric data verification thumb prints/finger prints are required.
2. Keep fingers of both hands clean and dry.
3. Avoid mehendi, ink or any other coating on the fingers
4. If left thumb is injured, notify the authority at the test center.

1. Sleep Well the night before the exam for improved focus and concentration on Test Day
2. Eat Healthy to avoid any stomach upsets on the Test Day
3. Exercise mildly (15-20 minutes) to improve efficiency of the brain on the Test Day.
4. Meditation (at least 10 minutes) to minimize stress, to improve focus and concentration on the Test Day.

shape Cutoffs

Canara Bank PO 2017 Cutoffs:

Category Reasoning Ability English Language General Awareness Quantitative Aptitude Overall Exam Cut off
Max Marks 50 50 50 50 200
General 19 8.75 12.25 12.75 105.25
OBC 16.5 4.5 8.25 9.25 102
SC 16.5 4.5 8.25 9.25 87.5
ST 16.5 4.5 8.25 9.25 74.75
HI 16.5 4.5 8.25 9.25 55
OC 16.5 4.5 8.25 9.25 91.5
VI 16.5 4.5 8.25 9.25 87.25