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Column validations and List validations in SharePoint

Column validations and List validations in SharePoint

SharePoint server provides the following validations in Out of the Box. Items cannot be saved until these validation criteria are met and custom messages, which can be set for specific validation failure cases, are displayed to the user.

  • Column Level Validation
  • List Level Validation

Go to the sharepoint list and click on list settings, Here We can find under general setting Validation settings option will be there, Click on that.

Here we have to give our condition to a particular column, I given my condition like that column should take more than 20 words , And we can provide error message also .

Now we will check our condition

There is another way to create a Required  column as shown.
Go to Create column option

Here we have  one option called required  that this column contains information, By default this is selected  as No , We have enable yes.