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Current Affairs Vocabulary Day 42

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Current Affairs Vocabulary Day 42

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A Newspaper is a printed or online publication that provides readers with news and articles i.e. the current affairs of a country and the world. Current Affairs play a prominent role in several government related recruitment exams in India. To better understand the current state of affairs, a candidate should acquire rich vocabulary primarily used by editors and publications of newspaper articles and editorials. SPLessons has made an effort to provide a comprehensive list of commonly used words in newspaper articles and editorials. Current Affairs Vocabulary Day 42 provides the readers with a collection of useful vocabulary for newspapers.

shape Vocabulary

Word Definition Synonyms Usage
Cartel (Noun) An association of manufacturers or suppliers with the purpose of maintaining prices at a high level and restricting competition.
  • Consortium
  • Alliance
  • Union
  • Confederation
In their attempts to stem cut-throat price competition, railway leaders repeatedly formed cartels to set prices and allocate traffic.
Dent (Noun) A reduction in amount or size.
  • Reduction
  • Depletion
  • Deduction
  • Cut
Both increased capacity and competition will allow consumers to pay less, putting a dent into corporate profits.
Demise (Noun) The end or failure of an enterprise or institution.
  • Disintegration
  • Fall
  • Downfall
  • Ruin
The services sector is all some regions in the UK have left after the demise of the manufacturing industry.
Directive (Noun) An official or authoritative instruction.
  • Injunction
  • Enjoinment
  • Prescription
  • Command
The US government has no authority to issue directives to the country’s courts.
Externality (Noun) A consequence of an industrial or commercial activity which affects other parties without this being reflected in market prices.
  • Upshot
  • Effect
  • Repercussion
  • Reverberations
Network externalities occur when markets characterized by network effects fail to allocate resources properly.

Word Definition Synonyms Usage
Leeway (Noun) The amount of freedom to move or act that is available.
  • Scope
  • Flexibility
  • Liberty
  • Indulgence
Certainly, the government deserves a significant amount of leeway when it comes to endorsing the current administration.
Misgiving (Noun) A feeling of doubt or apprehension about the outcome or consequences of something.
  • Qualm
  • Doubt
  • Reservation
  • Scruple
Despite my misgivings, I picked up a box of these today when I filled the new prescription.
Peculiarity (Noun) A strange or unusual feature or habit.
  • Abnormality
  • Eccentricity
  • Idiosyncrasy
  • Oddity
One peculiarity of this artist’s pictures was that he used actual gold leaf to make the high lights upon hair, leaves, and draperies.
Prospect (Noun) The possibility or likelihood of some future event occurring.
  • Expectation
  • Anticipation
  • Chance
  • Probability
Maybe the prospect of the landscape turning into a tourist facility will force a political change in the end.
Sedition (Noun) Conduct or speech inciting people to rebel against the authority of a state or monarch.
  • Incitement
  • Fomentation
  • Provocation
  • Agitation
The extended geographical jurisdiction for offences is being used here not just to cover sedition, but also treason.