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ECGC PO Career Progression

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ECGC PO Career Progression

ECGC PO Career Progression

An ECGC PO has a tremendous scope for career development. The career advancement as a PO is swift. A Probationary officer(PO) is the first level appointment for a bank or insurance personnel, and is responsible for various Administrative Activities. A PO can get a promotion in 3-5 years, depending on the talent, potential and vacancies that the bank might be having. Read all the below list to get an idea about the ECGC PO Career Progression.

ECGC provides an upbeat environment, full of challenges and opportunities in which employees can learn and grow. Focus is on leadership development through delegation of powers and opportunities for continuous enhancement of skills by Job rotation for overall personality development. The employees are equipped with skills and knowledge, making them assets of the Corporation through various growth-oriented programmes like training, seminars, workshops etc.

The ECGC PO Career Progression – Promotion Grades:

  1. EO (Executive Officer) – Scale I
  2. AM (Assistant Manger) – Scale II
  3. Mgr (Manager) – Scale III
  4. Sr Mgr (Senior Manager) – Scale IV
  5. AGM (Assistant General Manger) – Scale V

From Scale-1 to 2 and Scale-2 to Scale-3, Test and Interview are required. STartingScale – 3 only interview is applicable.

Promotion Policy/Opportunity Of The Organization:
EXAM/SENIORITY– Minimum 3years service for scale-2 and 2 years minimum service for Scale-3, 4, 5. For scale -3 onwards, competition among own colleague.