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ECGC PO Practice and Test

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ECGC PO Practice and Test

ECGC PO Practice and Test

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Online Test is important to qualify for the further rounds i.e. Objective Test (Online) and Personal Interview. ECGC PO Practice and Test section allows candidates to practice the learned material to ensure the candidate understands the pattern of the exam and the expected questions that would appear in the actual test.

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The structure of the examinations which will be conducted online are as follows:

Online Examination:

Sl.No. Name of the Tests No. of Questions Maximum Marks Duration
1 Reasoning Ability 50 50 40 Minutes
2 English Language 40 40 30 Minutes
3 Computer Knowledge 20 20 10 Minutes
4 General Awareness 40 40 20 Minutes
5 Quantitative Aptitude 50 50 40 Minutes
Total 200 200 140 Minutes

Descriptive Paper:

Sl.No. Type activity No. of Questions Marks Duration
1 Essay Writing One out of two given options 20 40 Minutes for both
questions together
2 Precise Writing One out of two together
given options

shape Syllabus

Objective Test:
ECGC PO Syllabus for Reasoning Ability:

    ✦ Coding-Decoding.
    ✦ Analogy.
    ✦ Data Sufficiency.
    ✦ Logic.
    ✦ Theme Detection.
    ✦ Puzzle Test.
    ✦ Alphabet Test.
    ✦ Classification.
    ✦ Eligibility Test.
    ✦ Clocks & Calendars.
    ✦ Deriving Conclusions from Passages.
    ✦ Logical Venn Diagrams.
    ✦ Logical Sequence of Words.
    ✦ Statement – Conclusions.
    ✦ Series Completion.
    ✦ Inserting The Missing Character.
    ✦ Statement – Arguments.
    ✦ Arithmetical Reasoning.
    ✦ Mathematical Operations.
    ✦ Situation Reaction Test.
    ✦ Alpha Numeric Sequence Puzzle.
    ✦ Number, Ranking & Time Sequence.

ECGC PO Syllabus for English Language:

    ✦ Verb.
    ✦ Error Correction.
    ✦ Subject-Verb Agreement.
    ✦ Articles.
    ✦ Voice.
    ✦ Tenses.
    ✦ Comprehension.
    ✦ Fill in the Blanks.
    ✦ Synonyms.
    ✦ Sentence Rearrangement.
    ✦ Adverb.
    ✦ Unseen Passages.
    ✦ Vocabulary.
    ✦ Antonyms.
    ✦ Grammar.
    ✦ Idioms & Phrases, etc

ECGC PO Syllabus for Computer Knowledge:

    ✦ MS Excel.
    ✦ Windows.
    ✦ MS Office.
    ✦ MS Word.
    ✦ Internet Usage.
    ✦ MS PowerPoint.
    ✦ Computer Software & Hardware
    ✦ Introduction to Computer Science.
    ✦ Database Management System.
    ✦ PC Software and Office Automation.
    ✦ Workplace Productivity Tools.
    ✦ Computer Networks.
    ✦ The Internet.
    ✦ Emerging Technologies and Web Publishing.
    ✦ Boolean Algebra.
    ✦ Data Structures.

ECGC PO Syllabus for General Awareness:

    ✦ Indian Constitution.
    ✦ History.
    ✦ Science – Inventions & Discoveries.
    ✦ Budget and Five Year Plans.
    ✦ Important Financial & Economic News.
    ✦ Economy.
    ✦ Geography of India & Gujarat.
    ✦ Scientific Research.
    ✦ Culture.
    ✦ India and its neighboring countries.
    ✦ Sports.
    ✦ Knowledge of Current Events.
    ✦ General Politics.
    ✦ Countries & Capitals.
    ✦ Economy, Banking, and Finance.
    ✦ Particular reference to Rajasthan State.

ECGC PO Syllabus for Quantitative Aptitude:

    ✦ Computation of Whole Numbers.
    ✦ Relationship between Numbers.
    ✦ Number Systems.
    ✦ Decimals and Fractions.
    ✦ Ratio & Proportion.
    ✦ Fundamental Arithmetical Operations.
    ✦ Percentage.
    ✦ Average.
    ✦ Profit & Loss.
    ✦ Simple Interest.
    ✦ Use of Tables and Graphs.
    ✦ Discount.
    ✦ Time & Work.
    ✦ Time & Distance.
    ✦ Partnership.
    ✦ Mensuration.

Descriptive Test:

ECGC PO Syllabus for Descriptive Test:

    ✦ Essay Writing
    ✦ Precis Writing

shape Samples

Objective Test:
1. Directions: In making decisions about important questions, it is desirable to be able to distinguish between ‘strong’ arguments and ‘weak’ arguments. ‘Strong’ arguments are those which are both important and directly related to the question. ‘Weak’ arguments are those which are of minor importance and also may not be directly related to the question or may be related to a trivial aspect of the question.

Each question below is followed by three arguments numbered (I), (II) and (III). You have to decide which of the arguments is a ‘strong’ argument and which is a ‘weak’ argument.

Statement: Should there be a cap on drawing ground water for irrigation purposes in India?

      (I) No, irrigation is of prime importance for food production in India and it is heavily dependent on ground water in many parts of the country.
      (II) Yes, water tables have gone down to alarmingly low levels in some parts of the country where irrigation is primarily dependent on groundwater, which may lead to serious environmental consequences.
      (III) Yes, India just cannot afford to draw groundwater any further as the international agencies have cautioned India against it.
    A. Only (I) and (II) are strong
    B. Only (II) and (III) are strong
    C. Only (I) and (III) are strong
    D. All (I), (II) and (III) are strong
    E. None of these

Answer: Option A

2. In a certain code, MISTAKE is written as HRNGVPZ. How is GROUNDS written in that code?

    E. None of these

Answer: Option B

3. Directions: In the following questions, the symbols #, &, @, * , $, % and © are used with the following meanings as illustrated below. Study the following information and answer the given questions:

      P#Q – Q is the father of P.
      P@Q – Q is the child of P.
      P©Q – P is the brother of Q.
      P$Q – Q is the daughter of P.
      P*Q- P is the husband of Q.
      P&Q- Q is the daughter-in-law of P.
      P%Q- P is the wife of Q.

If F$E%C©A#B then how C is related F?

    A. Son
    B. Daughter
    C. Son-in-law
    D. None of these
    E. Can’t be determined

Answer: Option C

4. Directions to Solve: In each of the following questions, arrange the given words in a meaningful sequence and thus find the correct answer from alternatives.
Arrange the words given below in a meaningful sequence.

      1. Key
      2. Door
      3. Lock
      4. Room
      5. Switch on
    A. 5, 1, 2, 4, 3
    B. 4, 2, 1, 5, 3
    C. 1, 3, 2, 4, 5
    D. 1, 2, 3, 5, 4

Answer: Option C

5. Directions to Solve: In each of the questions below consists of a question and two statements numbered I and II given below it. You have to decide whether the data provided in the statements are sufficient to answer the question. Read both the statements and Give answer

    (A) If the data in statement I alone are sufficient to answer the question, while the data in statement II alone are not sufficient to answer the question
    (B) If the data in statement II alone are sufficient to answer the question, while the data in statement I alone are not sufficient to answer the question
    (C) If the data either in statement I alone or in statement II alone are sufficient to answer the question
    (D) If the data given in both statements I and II together are not sufficient to answer the question and
    (E) If the data in both statements I and II together are necessary to answer the question.

Question: How is T related to K?
I. K has two sons; one of the sons is A.
II. The mother of T has only two sons – A and B.

    A. I alone is sufficient while II alone is not sufficient
    B. II alone is sufficient while I alone is not sufficient
    C. Either I or II is sufficient
    D. Neither I nor II is sufficient
    E. Both I and II are sufficient

Answer: Option E

1. Directions to Solve: Read each sentence to find out whether there is any grammatical error in it. The error, if any will be in one part of the sentence. The letter of that part is the answer. If there is no error, the answer is ‘D’. (Ignore the errors of punctuation, if any).
(Solve as per the direction given above)

    A. To facilitate exports and improve sales in the domestic market
    B. some of the improvised fabrics and garments fabricated out from them
    C. are displayed in the main pavilion.
    D. No error.

Answer: Option B

2. Directions to Solve: In the following questions choose the word which is the exact OPPOSITE of the given words.

    A. Soft
    B. Average
    C. Tiny
    D. Weak

Answer: Option C

3. Directions to Solve: In the following the questions choose the word which best expresses the meaning of the given word.

    A. To soothe
    B. Merge
    C. Purchase
    D. Glisten

Answer: Option B

4. Directions to Solve: In the questions below the sentences have been given in Active/Passive voice. From the given alternatives, choose the one which best expresses the given sentence in Passive/Active voice.
The doctor advised the patient not to eat rice.

    A. The patient was advised by the doctor not to eat rice.
    B. The patient was advised by the doctor that he should not eat rice.
    C. The patient was being advised by the doctor that he should not rice by the doctor.
    D. The patient has been advised not to eat rice by the doctor.

Answer: Option A

5. Directions to Solve: Which of phrases given below each sentence should replace the phrase printed in bold type to make the grammatically correct? If the sentence is correct as it is, mark ‘E’ as the answer.
Later he became unpopular because he tried to lord it on his followers.

    A. to lord it for
    B. to lord over
    C. to lord it over
    D. to lord it over on
    E. No correction required

Answer: Option C

1. In addition to keying data directly into a database, data entry can be done from a (n)

    A. Input form
    B. Table
    C. Field
    D. Data dictionary
    E. None of these

Answer: Option A

2. What is an e-mail attachment?

    A. A receipt sent by the recipient
    B. A separate document from another program sent along with an e-mail message
    C. A malicious parasite that feeds off your messages and destroys the contents
    D. A list of CC or BCC recipients
    E. None of these

Answer: Option B

3. SMTP, FTP and DNS are applications of the __________ layer.

    A. data link
    B. network
    C. transport
    D. application
    E. None of these

Answer: Option D

4. In a database, information should be organised and accessed according to which of the following?

    A. Physical position
    B. Logical structure
    C. Data dictionary
    D. Physical structure
    E. None of these

Answer: Option B

5. A __________ is a computer connected to two networks.

    A. link
    B. server
    C. gateway
    D. bridge way
    E. None of these

Answer: Option D

1. Foundation stone for the first ever Industrial Training Institute for the Divyangans exclusively was laid at which of the following state?

    A. Arunachal Pradesh
    B. Mizoram
    C. Assam
    D. Sikkim
    E. West Bengal

Answer: C

2. Which of the following state has launched mid-day Meals Scheme for Pregnant Women recently?

    A. Tamil Nadu
    B. Kerala
    C. Andhra Pradesh
    D. Karnataka
    E. Goa

Answer: D

3. The first US crude oil cargo of 1(point)6 million barrels bought by Indian Oil Corporation from the US reached Paradip Port, Paradip Port is located in which of the following state?

    A. Maharashtra
    B. West Bengal
    C. Tamil Nadu
    D. Andhra Pradesh
    E. Odisha

Answer: E

4. Which of the following country recently Launched ‘World’s Biggest & Most Powerful’
Nuclear Icebreaker?

    A. Russia
    B. Germany
    C. China
    D. US
    E. UK

Answer: A

5. Brenda Hale, has been appointed as the First Female President of which of the following
Country’s Supreme Court?

    A. US
    B. UK
    C. Canada
    D. France
    E. Italy

Answer: B

1. The population of a town increased from 1, 75,000 to 2, 62,500 in a decade. The average percent increase of population per year is:

    A. 4.37%
    B. 5%
    C. 6%
    D. 8.75%

Answer: Option B

2. A trader mixes 26 kg of rice at Rs. 20 per kg with 30 kg of rice of other variety at Rs. 36 per kg and sells the mixture at Rs. 30 per kg. His profit percent is:

    A. No profit, no loss
    B. 5%
    C. 8%
    D. 10%
    E. None of these

Answer: Option B

3. A person borrows Rs. 5000 for 2 years at 4% p.a. simple interest. He immediately lends it to another person at 6p.a for 2 years. Find his gain in the transaction per year.

    A. Rs. 112.50
    B. Rs. 125
    C. Rs. 150
    D. Rs. 167.50

Answer: Option A

4. In a bag, there are coins of 25 p, 10 p and 5 p in the ratio of 1 : 2 : 3. If there is Rs. 30 in all, how many 5 p coins are there?

    A. 50
    B. 100
    C. 150
    D. 200

Answer: Option C

5. A works twice as fast as B. If B can complete a work in 12 days independently, the number of days in which A and B can together finish the work in:

    A. 4 days
    B. 6 days
    C. 8 days
    D. 18 days

Answer: Option A

Descriptive Test:

Sample Essay:
Special Economic Zones: Are they a boon or a bane.

Replicating the success of China, the economic model of Special Economic Zones (SEZs) was introduced in India in the year 2000. The idea was to use this concept as a pull force for large-scale investments and promote exports. By incentivizing the process, large scale infrastructure was to be established as a proper foreign territory.

Various benefits regarding taxes and duties along with world-class infrastructure were the main attractions. It was projected that these SEZs would have large-scale manufacturing units along with storage facilities and operational efficiencies. The vicinity of vendors and various service providers was an added advantage. These SEZ were to be established in the backward areas of the country to ensure the area’s development and growth in employment.

However, over the years the concept of Special Economic Zones seemed to have weakened in India. The effect of Indianization of SEZ concept made it deviate from the one in China. Here it gave emergence to several small sized SEZs that too in the IT/ITeS sector. Further, the concept was to ensure inclusive growth. However, the presence of operational SEZs concentrated in just a few states across the nation, defeats one of the primary objectives.

Of the latest data available till 2014, only 194 SEZs are operational out of the approved 564. A CAG (Comptroller and Auditor General of India) report further indicates that 57% of SEZs are in IT & ITES sector and only 9.7% are in manufacturing. The employment generation has also been specific favoring professionally qualified and abysmal. If there had been more SEZs focusing on manufacturing, then the employment scenario could have been all-encompassing covering all levels of skill sets.

The data is sufficient to prove that to a significant extent the implementation has failed the aim with which these were started.

The Chinese started SEZs with the goal of becoming a manufacturing and export-driven economy. As can be seen, SEZs have played a pivotal role in their case. India’s deviation has proved costly requiring a broad revamp. The non-existence of single window system, lack of connectivity, incentive schemes, and taxes – the lists of remedial measures is long.

If we look at the yearly exports figures of our economy, the manufacturing sector dominates however in the case of SEZs; this sector has a dismal performance. There is an urgency to look into this matter and propose a resolution through a variety of policy measures.

Another in-depth analysis with the more recent data available of these Special Economic Zones in India might suggest an increase in the participation of the manufacturing. However, it is a shift of already established export-oriented units into the SEZs. These units include light and heavy engineering industries, auto and related industries. While this might make the performance of these economic zones look improved but that is not the case.

The ‘Make in India’ mission of the Central Government can only be successful when issues relating to SEZs are streamlined.

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To prepare for ECGC PO 2018, the main subjects that a candidate need to be excellent at are Reasoning Ability, English Language, Computer Knowledge, General Awareness and Quantitative Aptitude.

Candidates can crack the exam only with the right approach and correct strategy.

✦ Tip – 1:
Identify the weak areas, for some it may be Quantitative aptitude (maths); for others it may be English. If possible take the help of extra coaching.

✦ Tip – 2: Take online mock tests to see where you stand and what your strengths. Look for reputed online coaching websites for free mock tests.

✦ Tip – 3: If you are repeatedly making the same mistakes, find out what is happening and analyze the mistakes. A reliable coach can help you in this matter.

✦ Tip – 4: Space out your learning in comfortable time slots. It is sufficient to start preparing 2 months before the exam. But allot enough time in the day to the preparation so that you have adequate time to focus on each section of the test.