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IBPS PO Mains | English Descriptive Section Tips

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IBPS PO Mains | English Descriptive Section Tips

shape Introduction

Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS) Mains Exam, the second phase for the recruitment process of probationary officers in the public sector banks includes a English Descriptive section which includes Letter Writing and Essay Writing. English Descriptive section is prominent across various recruitment exams in India. It is essential to master every section of the paper thoroughly to clear the exam.

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One of the sections in the main paper is the English Descriptive Writing section.

  • Most bank employees are expected to interact with customers regularly and analyze information. Effective communication is the key to such interactions. English Descriptive Writing tests these traits precisely.

  • The descriptive writing is tested in the form of:

    1. Essay Writing: The section examines the candidate’s ability to organize and structure thoughts and ideas with the help of writing skills and imagination.

    2. Letter Writing: The section tests the candidate’s ability to put across thoughts in a succinct manner such that the ability to carry out effective written communication is also tested within the organization.

  • In-Depth knowledge about the evaluation criteria for essays and letters will reveal why is English Descriptive Writing is a part of bank PO recruitment process

    shape Evaluation

    There are no set criteria defined to evaluate the English Descriptive Writing exam. The section is evaluated manually. However, based on some of the common things examined by the evaluator, here are few things to note.

    1. Content:

    • Content is the most fundamental part of the writing.

    • Examiner will notice whether the aspects of the topics have been addressed in the essay and if the provided details, examples, and explanations are appropriately supporting the candidate’s point of view.

    2. Formal Requirement:

    • The paper is descriptive. So, specific requirements must be fulfilled by the answers.

    • The format for the letters has to be strictly adhered to. No extra marks are awarded for the format or structure, but the absence of the same might cause a deduction of marks.

    • It is advised to follow the prescribed formats for formal and informal letters.

    • While for essays, candidates must make sure that they do not exceed the word limit provided. It should ideally be in the paragraph form.

    3. Development, Structure, Coherence:

    • The examiner shall see how well the given topic has been understood and explained by the candidate.

    • The examiner shall also look for a range of thoughts and ideas and how well they are presented.

    • Logical flow is essential for the presentation of the writing piece. This means that:

      1. Each paragraph must contain an idea or a concept.

      2. The evidence presented in writing must support the writer’s argument.

      3. The writing piece must have an introduction (or a beginning), a body (middle), and a conclusion (end).

    4. Grammar:

    • If an essay is logically presented, it so may happen that it contains a variety of ideas. A bad grammar would make the entire essay not so good.

    • Usually, examiners do not expect complex sentences. Therefore, correct and straightforward sentences convey thoughts effectively.

    • A grammar is considered good if:

    • 1. The writing has proper punctuation

      2. The author provides complete sentences

      3. If the writing has consistent verb tense, voice, and third person usage.

    5. Vocabulary and Spelling:

    • Use of hi-fi English words must be avoided. Candidates are expected to use the right word for the right idea.
    • Avoidance of spelling mistakes is vital as such mistakes point out a careless attitude of the candidate.

    shape Preparation

    The above evaluation criteria have laid the foundation for some of the essential English Descriptive Section tips that would help to prepare for this section of the bank PO recruitment process.

    Here are a few preparation tips: