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FBO Duties

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FBO Duties

Forest Beat Officer – FBO Duties

A forest beat officer is a forest guard who is primarily responsible for the forests, environment and wildlife-related issues of a forest within a state or Union Territory of India.

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TSPSC – FBO Profile – Roles and Responsibilities:

✦ Forest Beat officers should know the boundaries of the beat thoroughly to prevent encroachment and protect his Beat against injury from fire or other causes.

✦ A beat officer should petrol the forests constantly in his Beat to prevent offenses, and where the offenses are detected he/she must record the offense in the Form – A and submit it promptly to Range Officer.

✦ A beat officer should maintain the boundary lines and boundary marks in forest blocks in proper order and repair.

✦ A beat officer should cut creepers and climbers during his perambulation in the Forests.

✦ A beat officer should keep the signboards and name boards of forests, Plantation in good condition and repair.

✦ A beat officer should check forest produce in transit and see that the forest produce is not removed except in accordance with the transit rules.

✦ A beat officer should control and supervise over such of the works as ordered by Section Officer and Range Officer. Beat officer should carry out Silvicultural works such as sowing, Plantings, nursery works, Collection of seeds, Creeper cutting, pruning, thinning and other cultural operations as ordered by Section Officer and Range Officer.

✦ A beat officer should wear his uniform whenever on duty and carry the different forms (A.B.C.), diary book, bill book, beat map etc.,

✦ A beat officer should affix on illicitly cut stumps of trees in the forest, a hammer mark prescribed for the purpose, make a note of the exact locality, description and number of such stumps in his diary book and report about them to the Range Officer. Where such hammer marks are not found and when to reference to the report made can be produced, it will be presumed that the Forest Guard has failed to petrol and perform his functions properly.

✦ A beat officer should submit all his reports to the Section Officer and the Range Officer promptly and submit his weekly diaries promptly.