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Federal Bank Officers Computer Awareness

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Federal Bank Officers Computer Awareness

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Federal Bank Officers Scale-I 2018 – Online Aptitude Test, conducted in online Mode, has: a duration of 1 hour 30 minutes, a total of 150 questions, a maximum score of 150 marks, and consists of 6 sections, namely – Verbal Ability/ English Language; Logical Aptitude/ Reasoning; Quantitative/ Numerical Ability; General, Socio-economic & Banking; Computer Awareness and Digital Banking. The 6 sections are not separately timed and the questions can be attempted in any order but within the given time duration.

There is a Negative marking in Federal Bank Officers Online Aptitude Test and 0.25 marks are deducted for each wrong answer. The online aptitude test will be followed by a psychometric questionnaire for a maximum duration of 15 minutes. The below sections gives the detailed information about Federal Bank Officers Computer Awareness.

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S.No. Name of the Test Number of
1 Verbal Ability/ English Language 30 30 Composite time of
90 minutes for all
the tests together*
2 Logical Aptitude/ Reasoning 30 30
3 Quantitative/ Numerical Ability 30 30
4 General, Socio-economic & Banking 25 25
5 Computer Awareness 20 20
6 Digital Banking 15 15
Total 150 150

The Federal Bank Officers Computer Awareness section in the Online Aptitude Test, has a total of 20 questions for 20 marks. Below mentioned are the different categories of expected questions in the Online Aptitude Test of Federal Bank Officers Computer Awareness Section.

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Click Here – Federal Bank Officers Exam Syllabus

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1. Who among the following is known as the Father of The Internet?

    A. Tim Berners-Lee
    B. Raymond Tomilson
    C. Douglas Englebart
    D. Charles Babbage
    E. Vint Cerf

Answer: Option(E)

2. Which among the following is a device that has functioning of a mobile information manager?

    A. PDA
    B. MICR
    C. Mainframe
    D. Light Pen
    E. OCR

Answer: Option(A)

3. ______ key combination is used to reverse the last Undo.

    A. Ctrl+A
    B. Ctrl+C
    C. Ctrl+W
    D. Ctrl+Y
    E. Ctrl+Z

Answer: Option(D)

4. IEEE standard 802.3 is for which of the following?

    A. Higher Layer LAN Protocols
    B. Wireless PAN
    C. Ethernet
    D. Bluetooth certification
    E. None of the above

Answer: Option(C)

5. The OSI model defines internetworking in terms of a vertical stack of layers. The OSI model doesn’t perform any functions in the networking process. It is a conceptual framework so we can better understand complex interactions that are happening. Frame is protocol data unit of which OSI Layer?

    A. Layer 7
    B. Layer 3
    C. Layer 8
    D. Layer 1
    E. Layer 2

Answer: Option(E)

6. Which of the following is a term for the process of trading goods over the Internet?

    A. e-selling-n-buying
    B. e-trading
    C. e-finance
    D. e-salesmanship
    E. e-commerce

Answer: Option(E)

7. An example of a telecommunications device is a ________.

    A. keyboard
    B. mouse
    C. printer
    D. modem
    E. None of these

Answer: Option(D)

8. An application where only one user accesses the database at a given time is an example of a(n) ________ .

    A. single-user database application
    B. multiuser database application
    C. e-commerce database application
    D. data mining database application
    E. None of these

Answer: Option(A)

9. A nibble is equal to _____________ bits.

    A. 16
    B. 32
    C. 4
    D. 8
    E. 18

Answer: Option(C)

10. What is a named area on a disk that is used to store related subfolders and files called?

    A. desktop
    B. folder
    C. menu
    D. Safari
    E. explorer

Answer: Option(B)

11. The two ways to arrange multiple windows on the desktop are:

    A. cascade and tile
    B. drag and drop
    C. point and click
    D. minimize and maximize
    E. copy and paste

Answer: Option(A)

12. _____________ is a service that allows organisations to make their own website.

    A. Web hosting
    B. Web surfing
    C. Domain hosting
    D. Linux hosting
    E. Windows hosting

Answer: Option(A)

13. Which of the following HTML tags is used to create a horizontal line on a Web page?




Answer: Option(A)

14. Which of the following image formats was developed for CompuServe?

    A. JPEG Image
    B. GIF Image
    C. PNG Image
    D. BMP Image
    E. None of these

Answer: Option(B)

15. Which among the following is a Super computer series developed by Indian scientists?

    A. Param
    B. Super30l
    C. Compaq Presario
    D. Cray YMP
    E. Blue Gene

Answer: Option(A)

16. The improvement of computer hardware theory is summarized by which law

    A. Metcalf’s law
    B. Bill’s law
    C. Moore’s law
    D. Grove’s law

Answer: Option(C)

17. The most widely used computer device is

    A. Solid State disk
    B. External Hard disk
    C. Internal Hard disk
    D. Mouse

Answer: Option(C)

18. The minimum number of rows and columns in MS Word document is

    A. 1 AND 1
    B. 2 AND 1
    C. 1 AND 2
    D. 2 AND 2

Answer: Option (A)

19. MS Office is the application software

    A. True
    B. False

Answer: Option (A)

20. A binary search tree whose left sub tree and right sub tree differ in high by at most 1 unit is called

    A. Lemma tree
    B. Red black tree
    C. AVL tree
    D. None of the above

Answer: Option(C)

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