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Federal Bank Officers Roles and Responsibilities

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Federal Bank Officers Roles and Responsibilities

shape Introduction

Federal- Bank is well known for one of the best private sector bank. The recruitment process for the Federal bank is very high in every year compared to other private sector banks. Federal Bank mostly offers the position of Officers Scale-1. The following are the Federal Bank Officers roles and responsibilities.

shape Duties

Federal Bank Officers Roles:

    1. Officer has to work as public relationship officer

    2. Managing cash balance

    3. Handling the Loan related documents.

    4. ATM cards, Cheque books issues under the control of the Officer

Federal Bank Officers Responsibilities:

    1. In the training period of Officers Scale -1, Officer must and should involve all type of activities related to the bank. These activities include clerk and bank assistant work also. Due to these activities, there is a chance to get the complete grip on the entire tasks of the bank.

    2. During the training, period officers are trained for getting the complete practical knowledge in the various departments of finance, accounting, marketing, billing and investment.

    3. Officer needs to work as a public relations officer to know the problems of the public and handle the situation in a correct way. These customer problems may involve the mistakes in the personal accounts.

    4. The officer should work on the financial improvement for the bank in the form of good in cash flow and loans taken by people in huge number.

    5. After getting some experience the officer has to involve in the planning, work on budgeting.

    6. Officer has to involve in marketing related products and also in loan sanctioning.

    7. Some Investment related tasks.

    8. Officer has to perform some kind of managerial tasks. Officer has to guide clerk.

    9. Officer must and should have an awareness of bank related schemes and also latest developments of the schemes.

    10. Officer has to work on customer transactions.