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Forest Officers

Forest Officers – FRO, FSO, FBO

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This article aims to help the aspirants in providing the detailed information about the roles and responsibilities of Forest Officers: Forest Range Officer (FRO), Forest Section Officer (FSO), and Forest Beat Officer (FBO).

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This article will help the aspirants to learn and understand about:

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Forest Range Officer (FRO)

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Forest Beat Officer (FBO)

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Roles & Responsibilities

    of all the Forest Officers?

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In a country like India, only a few professions are given importance. These include engineering, medical and teaching. Undoubtedly, these professions are safe options to choose as a career in a developing economy like ours. However, apart from the traditional professions, there are plenty of other exciting career options out there. It’s just that people are not very aware about these opportunities. This leads to them missing out on avenues that they could have otherwise explored.
One such alternate career option is that of becoming a forest officer in India. It is a noble profession and is also critically needed in our country because of depleting forestland. Forest officers perform critical and important tasks towards the bigger picture of balancing the ecosystem and spreading awareness about issues like global warming, deforestation, water scarcity etc.
Telangana State Public Service Commission (TSPSC) invites applications from eligible Candidates for the Position of Forest Officer in Telangana Forest Department. Aspirants who are willing to enhance their career with forest department can apply for the posts of Forest Range Officer (FRO), Forest Section Officer (FSO) and Forest Beat Officer (FBO).

Forest Range Officer (FRO)

Following are the Roles & Responsibulities of a Forest Range Officer (FRO):

    • Forest Range Officer is the officer in executive charge of the Range and he is responsible for the efficient management of the Range, for the custody and condition of all Government Property in his charge and for the discipline, conduct, and work of all his subordinate staff.

Range Officer is responsible for the execution of all works in the Range, with the help of Forest Section Officers and guards, according to the instructions and orders of Divisional Forest Officer.

Range Officer is responsible for the collection and credit of Forest Revenue and for prompt and correct payment of all sums due for the works executed.

Range Officer must carry out his inspections in detail and see that all the subordinates do their work properly. In the event serious misconduct of any subordinate, the Range Officers should report the case to Divisional Forest Officer for disciplinary action.

Range Officer should maintain all accounts, relating to revenue, expenditure, timber and other forest produce, and submit his accounts and reports punctually to Division Office.

Range Officer should take effective measures to protect the forest Wealth in his custody. Where illicit fellings are observed, the stumps should be examined to find out if they bear the impression of the guard’s hammer mark and if they were reported through guards dairy book and preliminary offense report (P.O.R). Range Officer is responsible for the protection and Range Officer should investigate Forest Offences in his Range, and file charge sheets for the cases ordered for prosecution by Divisional Forest Officer.

Range Officer will execute the sanctioned works at the rates not exceeding the sanctioned rates and record measurements and quantities of work done.

Range Officer is responsible for the correct posting of works Registers, ledgers Journals, Plantation registers and other stationary registers maintained in the Range.

Range Officer should always wear the prescribed uniform whenever he/she is on duty, and he should see that all Section Officers, guards and watchers wear the uniform when on duty.

Range Officer should submit his weekly diaries with details of works allotted, their progress during the week, status of protection of forests, ect., to give a comprehensive picture of the Range.

All correspondence connected with the works in the Range should pass through Range Officer or another superior. Officer may do so only through him/her. Court summons issued to any subordinate should similarly be served through the Forest Range Officer, who has to arrange for the duties of the subordinate being carried out during his absence.

Range Officer should responsible to prepare an annual plan of operations for the Range based upon the sanctioned working plan, working Scheme or executive instructions and prepare necessary estimates and execute the works after obtaining sanctions and the budget.

Range Officer shall inspect the beats as per the programme given by Divisional Forest Officer, and each beat in his Range should be inspected at least once in a calendar year, and submit a detailed report regarding state of boundaries, condition of forests, damage due to biotic pressures nature of offences etc.,

Forest Section Officer (FSO)

Following are the Roles & Responsibulities of a Forest Section Officer (FSO):

    • A Section Officer (either Deputy Ranger of Forester) is directly responsible of Forest Range Officer for the proper protection of forests and other Government property included in his Section and for the execution of such works as may be ordered to be carried out in fit.

Section Officer should maintain the discipline of Forest Guards and Watchers and see that they know their duties and carry out efficiently.

Section Officer should be frequent patrolling and perambulation of the Beats under his jurisdiction, see that the Beat Guards maintain the boundary lines and boundary marks of forest blocks in proper repairs and order and take steps to prevent illicit felling, encroachments in the Beats. He/she should make report to Range Officer whenever there is any illicit fellings and encroachments giving the details.

Section Officer will assist the Range Officer in the Execution of works, detection and investigation of forest offences, checking of forest produce in transit, and assist in other works.

Section Officer should see that the Preliminary Offences report in respect of forest offences detected by him and his Beat Guards are promptly sent to the Range Officer and the Divisional Forest Officer.

Section Officer should submit his weekly diaries promptly to Range Officer giving details of cases booked and works executed.

Section Officer will wear uniform when on duty and carry with him a map of his Section, diary, bill book, Form A.B.D. books C.F. 140 etc.,

Section Officer should not correspond or file any representations except through his/her Range Officer.

Section Officer shall also perform any other duties that are allotted to him/her by his/her superior officers.

Forest Beat Officer (FBO)

Following are the Roles & Responsibulities of a Forest Beat Officer (FBO):

    • Forest Beat officer’s should know the boundaries of his Beat thoroughly and prevent encroachment, and protect his Beat against injury from fire or other causes.

Beat officer should petrol the forests constantly in his Beat to prevent offences, and where the offences are detected he/she must record the offence in the Form – A and submit it promptly to Range Officer.

Beat officer should maintain the boundary lines and boundary marks in forest blocks in proper order and repair.

Beat officer should cut creepers and climbers during his perambulation in the Forests.

Beat officer should keep the sign boards and name boards of forests, Plantation in good condition and repair.

Beat officer should check forest produce in transit and see that the forest produce is not removed except in accordance with the transit rules.

Beat officer should control and supervise over such of the works as ordered by Section Officer and Range Officer. Beat officer should carry out Silvicultural works such as sowing, Plantings, nursery works, Collection of seeds, Creeper cutting, pruning, thinning and other cultural operations as ordered by Section Officer and Range Officer.

Beat officer should wear his uniform whenever on duty and carry the Forms A.B.C. books, diary book, bill book, beat map etc.,

Beat officer should affix on illicitly cut stumps of trees in the forest, a hammer mark prescribed for the purpose, make a note of the exact locality, description and number of such stumps in his diary book and report about them to the Range Officer. Where such hammer marks are not found and when to reference to the report made can be produced, it will be presumed that the Forest Guard has failed to petrol and perform his functions properly.

A Beat officer should submit all his reports to the Section Officer and the Range Officer promptly along with his weekly diaries.

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Individuals interested in a different career than engineering/medical/sciences field and career that will give them opportunities for being with nature, can definitely explore becoming a Forest Officer in India.

This article is only meant to provide information regarding roles & responsibilities of Forest Officers in India and is not meant to enforce to choose Forest Officer as a career option.