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GMAT ID Verification

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GMAT ID Verification

shape Introduction

A test taker should carefully plan the days and weeks before their GMAT Test day including getting plenty of rest the night before, eating a healthy breakfast and allowing ample time to arrive at the testing center at least 30-minutes early. But this piece will cover the exam day for GMAT, before, during and after the exam is completed.

shape Identity

To cover the arrival and check-in for GMAT exam day, along with the actual exam process and completion, let’s address a few questions:

What should one bring to the testing center for identity verification?

Test takers should know that as soon as you arrive at the testing center your identification will be checked by testing agents. Before the exam all recipients will receive a confirmation email stating that each candidate should bring the following for identification. Make sure to select state, region and country as there is some variation in proof of identification from country to country.

  • International Travel Passport.

  • Government-issued driver’s license.

  • Government-issued national/state/province identity card (including European ID card).

  • Military ID card.

The Identification Document (ID) must:

  • Be current (not expired) and legible

  • Bear the name of the candidate exactly as provided during the registration for the GMAT test appointment

  • Include the order and placement of the names as provided during test registration.

  • Have the Date of Birth match exactly the date provided during test registration.

  • Include a recent, recognizable photograph and signature and date of birth of the candidate. [Example: Passport, Driver’s License etc.]


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