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GMAT Test Center Policies

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GMAT Test Center Policies

shape Introduction

The GMAT exam is administered worldwide in accordance with US and applicable local laws. Special registration guidelines, taxes, identification requirements, testing rules, and privacy policies, as applicable, will apply in certain locations and to citizens of certain locations. For the most up-to-date, location-specific policies, candidates can visit Location Specific Test center policies / Guidelines [Click Here].

Candidates should select the location of interest to take the exam to understand the Identification Requirements, Test Center Rules and Agreement and if VAT applies. Candidates should also view the Privacy Statement for the respective location.

shape Location List

If the candidate is unable to locate his/her location on the Location List, there are no identification exceptions, and the candidate must present his/her passport book for entrance to the test center.


To know about the Country specific Identification Requirement: [Click Here]
To know about the Country specific Testing Rules and Agreement: [Click Here]
To know about the Country specific Privacy Statement: [Click Here]

shape Before Test

What guidelines are necessary to know or do at the start of the exam?

  • Many test centers will take a digital palm vein pattern when a test taker initially enters the room and after any breaks. Often times a digital photo and signature are also required at sign-in.

  • Arrive dressed in layers so one can take off or put on extra clothes if too hot or cold.

  • Understand that arriving more than 15-minutes late may forfeit the opportunity to take the exam on that day and time.

  • Know that drinking or eating is not permitted during the testing but do plan to bring a healthy snack and drink which can be accessed at one of the two scheduled short breaks (usually 5-8 minutes in duration).

  • Weapons are not permitted in the testing room.

  • Review the testing rules and agreement specific for the location where the exam is being conducted.

  • No personal items such as phones, calculators or other technologies are allowed in the testing room.

shape Test Begins

Once the exam begins what are the best strategies for success?

  • Check the computer and mouse assigned to ensure that it is working properly. If there is an issue, test takers should raise their hand for assistance.

  • Be aware of where the clock is so test taker can keep track of time during the exam.

  • Try to relax and be confident with the time committed to studying for this exam.

  • Understand that the GMAT exam time is under 3.5 hours including the two optional breaks. If a test taker exceeds the time allotted for each break, then that time will be deducted from remaining test time.

  • Test takers are not allowed to leave the room during timed sections of the exam. If you have an emergency raise your hand to notify the testing administrator but note that the clock will not stop for that timed section.

  • Because the GMAT is a computer adaptive test, meaning the computer adjusts the next question based on the previous answer, do not skip questions. Answer them in the order that they appear on the computer.

  • Test takers should use deductive reasoning if struggling with a question. Eliminate the answer that is known to be wrong, then 2 or 3 wrong answers if possible.

  • Answer each and every question even if the test taker has no idea what the answer is they should apply their best guess.

  • Read each question carefully and find an even pace through each section of the exam.

shape After Test

Once the exam is finished what happens next?

  • Test takers will immediately be given the opportunity to report or cancel their test scores.

  • The testing center will allow test takers to view their unofficial scores, (Integrated Reasoning, Quantitative, Verbal and Total Score). Each recipient will be allowed two minutes to decide whether to accept the scores.

  • If a test taker doesn’t decide within two minutes, the scores will be cancelled.

  • A test taker is allowed to void their score at the testing center immediately, or, within 72-hours of finishing the exam for a fee of $25.

  • Note that voided scores are not available on any scoring reports.

  • Arrive at the exam knowing the ideal achieved score so the test taker can best strategize keeping or voiding their scores.

  • Test scores can be reinstated online for up to four years and 11-months following completion of the exam. Decisions to reinstate an exam score will automatically be sent to the schools pre-selected for the GMAT by that test taker.

Test takers of the GMAT should find confidence in the time and efforts spent studying for this exam while reviewing and being prepared for the rules and process of testing day. Following these simple guidelines will help assure the best possible results on testing day.