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Hibernate Overview

Chapter 2

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Hibernate Overview

Hibernate Overview

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The chapter explains about Hibernate Overview. Hibernate is an Open Source Framework. Hibernate is called as ORM tool. Hibernate is the persistence layer between the Java Application and DataBase. Java Application gives Queries to Hibernate and then Hibernate converts queries into Objects. These objects are transferred to the DataBase.
To deal with hibernate project developer need to have database support like MySQL to create the table, the primary advantage of Hibernate code is the creation of a table. Hibernate is also an open source and lightweight framework and It can be also known as ORM tool. Hibernate underpins inheritance also and underpins relationships like one to one, one to many and underpins collections also. ORM tool used to access the data. Hibernate is persistence.To overcome the flaws of JDBC hibernate came into action. Following are the flaws of JDBC.

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The Conceptual figure Below explain the Hibernate Overview.

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  • Struts, Hibernate and Springs are the some example Frameworks.
  • Frameworks are Non-Installed Software’s, Frameworks contains jar files. These Jar files are divided into Main jar files and dependent jar files.
  • Frameworks are implementations, but not specifications.

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  • Performance will be increased.
  • Fetching the data between the multiple tables.
  • Automatic table creation
  • Light weight
  • Open source

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  • Hibernate underpins log4j.
  • Hibernate can integrate with spring and Struts.
  • Object oriented query language
  • Ability to integrate with J2EE.


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  • Hibernate Overview – ORM is the one of the hibernate tool to fetch the data between relational databases.
  • Hibernate Overview – By using ORM development of application will be useful.
  • Gavin King is also an inventor of JBoss Server.
  • Retrieving of information is main assert of Hibernate.