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HTML Entities

Chapter 31

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HTML Entities

HTML Entities

shape Introduction

This chapter demonstrates about the HTML Entities. HTML have some reserved characters those characters are not available on key board but those are replaced by entities. Following are the concepts covered.

  • Entities
  • Character Entities
  • Combining Diacritical Marks


shape Description

HTML contain reserved characters called as HTML Entities these characters have  special meaning in HTML. The below are some of the HTML entities.

Entity Entity Displayed Number
&amp & &
> > >
&lt; < <

Character Entities

shape Description

HTML introduced some character entities which have different meaning and are not available in key board, but these are replaced by entities of the HTML. Some character entities are listed below.

Result Description Entity Name Entity Number Combination
< less than &lt; &+#060;
> greater than &gt; &+#062;
& ampersand &amp; &+#038;
¢ cent &cent; &+#162;
£ pound &pound; &+#163;
¥ yen &yen; &+#165;
euro &euro; &+#8364;
© copyright &copy; &+#169;
® registered trademark &reg; &+#174;

Combining Diacritical Marks

shape Description

“glyph” is a diacritical mark added to a letter and also few symbols like grave (  ̀) , acute (  ́) are known as accents. These marks are appeared in between the letters or either above or below the letters. In order to develop the character which is not present in character set user need to use the combination of diacritical mark and alpha numeric character those as listed below.

Mark Charecter Construct Combination Result
  ̀ a a&+#768;
  ́ a a&+#769;
̂ a a&+#770;
  ̃ a a&+#771;
  ̀ O O&+#768;
  ́ O O&+#769;
̂ O O&+#770;
  ̃ O O&+#771;


shape Key Points

  • Character entities are not available in key board.
  • Character entities used to display reserved characters.
  • Combination of alphanumeric characters are the Diacritical marks.