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Chapter 33

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shape Introduction

The chapter demonstrates about the HTML URL which is also known as the another word of the web address. following are the concepts are covered in this chapter.

  • URL
  • URL Encoding


shape Description

URL is known as the Uniform Resource Locator which is used to address a document in a web. URL look like Browsers request the pages from web servers by using a URLs. The syntax of the web address is as shown below.


In the above code

The listed below demonstrates some common schemes.

URL Encoding

shape Description

In order to send the URLs over the internet user need to use the
American Standard Code for Information Interchange (ASCII) character-set. If URLs contains any characters outside the ASCII set then the URL has to be converted. URL converts non-ASCII characters into a format which can transformed over the internet and URL replace the non-ASCII characters with “%” followed by hexadecimal. URLs should not contain any spaces and URL encoding normally replace a space with plus(+) or %20.


shape Key Points

  • URL is the address of a web document.
  • URL replace the spaces with + symbols.