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IBPS PO English Language

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IBPS PO 2019 – Preliminary Examination, conducted in online Mode, has: a duration of 20 minutes for each section, a total of 100 questions, a maximum score of 100 marks, and, consists of 3 sections, namely – English Language, Quantitative Aptitude and Reasoning Ability.

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S.NO Name of Test Number of Questions Maximum Marks Medium of Exam Time allotted for
each test
(Separately timed)
1 English language 30 30 English 20 minutes
2 Quantitative Aptitude 35 35 English and Hindi 20 minutes
3 Reasoning ability 35 35 English and Hindi 20 minutes
Total 100 100

The IBPS PO Prelims English Language section, has a total of 30 questions with a maximum of 30 marks. Every correct answer earns 1 mark and every wrong answer has a penalty of 0.25 i.e 0.25 marks are deducted for every wrong answer. If a question is left unanswered, there will be no penalty for that question. Below mentioned are the different categories of expected questions in the English Language Section of IBPS PO Preliminary Exam.

shape Syllabus

Topic Number of Questions
Reading Comprehension 8 – 10
Error Spotting 4 – 5
Sentence Completion 5 – 6
Para Jumbles 4 – 5
Cloze test 4 – 5
Phrase Replacement 5 – 10

shape Samples

Directions (1-5): Read the passage given below and then answer the questions given below the passage. Some words may be highlighted for your attention. Pay careful attention.

People in the present society have turned from the use of the old means of communication to the more advanced and technological ways of communicating. Technology has made it easier for people to communicate in a faster, efficient, and cost-saving means through the introduction of the communication channels. The world has turned out to be the centre for technology with different technologies emerging daily as the people continue to develop from time to time to cope with the growing technology. The benefits of adopting the communication technology are explained in this article which shows why people do not function without technology.

Communication is a critical thing in today’s society because the exchange of information is vital in living. People live both locally and globally through technological connections by maintaining contact and interaction between individuals from all corners of the world. Communication binds people, helps maintaining the society healthy and enables people to interact and make friends from different regions and cultures. According to Adrian in 2006, communication and information technology plays a great role in the individuals’ life. There is a high rate of growth of the communication technology industry and the benefits as more people come up with new means of communication by day. A point has reached where activities cannot function without information technology due to the many benefits which come along with the current day technologies. Moreover, the industry plays a great role in improving the nation’s economy by facilitating fast and easier means of doing things and offering employment to many people across the world.

The presence of computers, phones, internet and wireless devices have broadened the web of connectivity by changing long distances to short ones where everyone is equal distance from the other through the present connections. Living without technology will be totally impossible as this has become every day’s application as more and more people are gaining knowledge on how to make use of the communication tools to improve their ways of living and staying informed on the current technology to avoid being left behind. New technologies are being developed daily which shows that the industry will continue to grow and expand. People will continue using these technologies to improve their standards and to stay informed.

The present technology has found its use in almost every sector making the industries, businesses, and institutions to use it for their daily activities since it brings a lot of benefits. In the former days the modes of communication used were slow and sometimes unreliable since the information could take a long time before getting to the recipient. The use of communication and interaction sites such as Facebook, You Tube, Twitter, MySpace, and online email chat services has gained popularity among the young people whereby they can talk, share and interact with people from different parts of the word. The communication channels helps many users since they act as the dating sites for couples, people also make friends and share t with them at different locations. Many people have ended up in marriages from the online dating services; others have made friends and got connections to good jobs and other beneficial activities. These sites are more addictive and therefore the users find themselves visiting them more often and others stay online 24 hours. Apart from benefiting the communication sector, technology has also led to the improvement in areas of business, education, health, and the society in general.

Businesses continue to enjoy the introduction of new technologies which help in improving their activities. Business remains up-to-date with the daily occurrences concerning the market; the business also moves forward and is able to compete with the others in different locations. In the education sector, technology continues to evolve at a faster rate as the learners get to know new ways of learning. The information technology is a requirement for every learner in order to utilize these ideas in the learning process. Students and their teachers communicate using the sites stated above to inform them on the changes in the timetable and send notes in soft copy. In addition technology has helped the health centres improve their services and transforming the medical profession by securing the environment for the patients and make them feel comfortable to discuss their issues.

Moreover, there are online medical services whereby the patients can interact with their doctors without having to go to the health centres. Communication technology helps in the growth of the society through offering convenience modes of attending to the activities through online shopping, banking and travel arrangements. Also, there is speed in doing various operations in presence of technology whereby individuals attend to their tasks in a convenient and reliable way. Alternatively, people in the society keep in touch with one another and can effectively communicate and exchange their views for the growth and development of the community.

Life is incomplete without technology and the world has reached a point that technology is everything. Incorporating technology in our daily activities makes the life easier and worth living. There is a need for the involved parties in the field of communication technology to come up with more advanced technologies so that people can enjoy these services and help in developing the country. People living in the third world countries have the duty to ensure that they have the knowledge of the current technology so that they can improve their countries to develop and compete with the developed nations. Comparing the advanced technology with the old fashion ways of doing things it has become simplified and time-saving. People are able to do many activities at a go, while in the absence of technology things went slow and more energy was utilized. Despite the few problems posed by the use of communication technology people continue to use it since the advantages outweighs the disadvantages.

1. Which of the following is most opposite in meaning to the word ‘cope’ as given in the passage?

    A. Deal
    B. Bear
    C. Endure
    D. Surrender
    E. None of the above

Solution: D
‘To cope with’ means to ‘deal effectively with something difficult’. ‘Deal with’ and ‘bear with’ mean the same. Similarly, to endure is to ‘last through some test’. Hence, it is also a synonym. ‘Surrender’ is to give up; hence, it is the only antonym.

2. Which of the following is most opposite in meaning to the word ‘facilitating’ as given in the passage?

    A. Impeding
    B. Promoting
    C. Assisting
    D. Simplifying
    E. None of the above

Solution: A
To ‘facilitate’ is to make an action easier. Hence, simplifying is a synonym. ‘Promoting’ and ‘assisting’ are also synonyms. ‘Impeding’ is to hinder or obstruct something. Hence, it is an antonym.

3. Which of the following is most similar in meaning to the word ‘incorporating’ as given in the passage?

    A. Including
    B. Separating
    C. Dividing
    D. Cutting
    E. None of the above

Solution: A
‘To incorporate’ is to ‘take in as part of a whole’ or ‘to include’ or ‘to combine’. Only, the word ‘including’ is a synonym. Rest all the words are antonyms.

4. In today’s society, why is communication critical?
a. Communication binds people
b. Communication makes people closer
c. Exchange of information is vital

    A. Only a
    B. Only c
    C. a and b
    D. a and c
    E. All of the above

Solution: D
This is a fact based question. In the second paragraph of the passage it is said , ‘Communication is a critical thing in today’s society because the exchange of information is vital in living….Communication binds people, helps maintaining the society healthy and enables people to interact and make friends from different regions and cultures’. The points marked in bold are clearly mentioned in the passage. It is given that ‘people make friends’, but nothing is mentioned about ‘people getting closer’.

5. How were the modes of communication in former days?
a. Slow
b. Unreliable
c. Time consuming

    A. Only a and b
    B. Only b
    C. a and c
    D. All of the above
    E. None of the above

Solution: D
‘In the former days the modes of communication used were slow and sometimes unreliable since the information could take a long time before getting to the recipient.’ Hence, all these three points have been mentioned clearly in the passage.

Directions (1 – 5): Read each sentence given below and find out whether there is an error in it. The error if any will be one of the parts of the sentence which are marked as A, B, C and D. If there is no error, the answer will be (E) i.e. No error. (Ignore the errors of punctuation, if any)

1. The low learning levels is due to the fact (A)/ that the state spends 87% of its budget (B)/ on salaries of its teachers (C)/ and not on infrastructure development for students (D)/ No error (E)
Answer: (E)

2. Recent incidents of tigers straying have brought to focus (A)/ the lack of proper regulatory mechanism and powers with the forest department (B)/ to take action against the resorts (C)/ mushroom in forest fringes (D)/ No error (E)
Answer: (D) ‘Mushrooming’ should be used- which would serve as an adjective.

3. The beauty of the palace comes alive (A)/ when over a lakh bulbs (B)/ is switched on between 7pm and 7.45pm (C)/ on specific days (D)/ No error (E)
Answer: (C) ‘Are’ should replace ‘is’- verb should agree with ‘bulbs’

4. In view of the rising complaints (A)/ of unscrupulous financial institutes duping people with luring them (B)/ with handsome returns on their investments, the police have appealed (C)/ to the citizens to stay away from such companies(D)/ No error (E)
Answer: (B) ‘By’ should replace ‘with’- which means ‘by the way of’

5. More and more cab drivers are approaching the regional transport office (RTO) (A)/ to obtain identity cards (B)/ after the transport office intensified action against errant drivers (C)/ in the last couple of months (D)/ No error (E)
Answer: (E)

Directions (1 – 5): Select the correct phrase from among the choices that complete the given sentence. Please note that more than one choice may fit in to make a syntactically correct sentence, but select the choice that is logical in the context of the sentence.

1. When something works well for us, we often __________.

    A. keep it to ourselves
    B. try to make it impossible
    C. sound that we are Godly
    D. want to share it with others
    E. try to make it difficult.

Answer: D

2. When science goes berserk, society loses its moorings, sanity begins to play truant and __________.

    A. result in neglect of basic human values
    B. moral decline sets in
    C. further plays havoc with nature
    D. the significant elements take shape
    E. positive results begin to show

Answer: B

3. Talks and negotiations to resolve the dispute have taken place from time to time, but any attempt __________.

    A. to forge an agreement was based on a report by the fact-finding committee
    B. to reject the agreement was not formulated
    C. at reaching a solution has proved abortive
    D. to acquire dark shades has been inconsequential
    E. to solve the problem requires further investigation

Answer: C

4. Action is the glorious principle of life and the only one that saves man from __________.

    A. the use of faculties, physical or mental
    B. stagnation and unhappiness
    C. the sorrow of fellow-beings
    D. the prerequisites of happiness
    E. the use of his intellectual capacity

Answer: B

5. Some of the banned substances for which Indian sports persons have been tested positive are so highly priced that __________.

    A. no ordinary sportsperson would be able to buy them on his own
    B. any ordinary sportsperson would have bought them on his own
    C. many sportspersons were made the guinea pigs
    D. the coaches encouraged their students to take them in the hope of a Dronacharya Award
    E. sportsperson and the coaches unhesitatingly use them in search of glory

Answer: A

Directions (1-5): Rearrange the given sentences (A), (B), (C), (D), (E) and (F) in a proper sequence so as to form a meaningful paragraph and then answer the questions given below them

(A) The sky god welcomed them when they arrived and pointing at the delicious food platters said, “This is for all of you”

(B) Here was a famine in the forest and tortoise was starving

(C) The birds stuck feather to his arms and legs so that he could fly

(D) The next week the birds held a feast on land and invited the tortoise, but when he reached the venue, they announced that no one could eat with dirty claws so the tortoise rushed to the pond and cleaned his limbs, but every time he did so he dirtied them on the way back to which the birds simply said, “Watch as we eat!”

(E) e heard about the feast being given by the sky god to the birds and convinced the birds to take him with them

(F) The tortoise immediately said that the food was meant for him and ate it up leaving the birds feeling cheated

1. Which of the following should be the FIRST sentence after rearrangement?

    A. A
    B. B
    C. C
    D. D
    E. F

Answer: B

2. Which of the following should be the SECOND sentence after rearrangement?

    A. A
    B. B
    C. C
    D. D
    E. E

Answer: E

3. Which of the following should be the THIRD sentence after rearrangement?

    A. A
    B. B
    C. C
    D. D
    E. F

Answer: C

4. Which of the following should be the FOURTH sentence after rearrangement?

    A. A
    B. B
    C. C
    D. D
    E. E

Answer: A

5. Which of the following should be the SIXTH (Last) sentence after rearrangement?

    A. A
    B. B
    C. C
    D. D
    E. F

Answer: D

Directions(1 – 5): In the following passage there are blanks each of which has been numbered, these numbers are printed below the passage and against each five words have been suggested, one of which fits the blanks appropriately. Find out the appropriate word in each case.

Given the (1) of black money in the economy is large, even though declining, and that a large part of these transactions take place in cash, it is natural the government would want to find ways to deal with this. The finance secretary, for instance, has said that one of the (2) being considered is that no one paying a bill of more than Rs.5,000 in a restaurant should be allowed to do so in cash—once the amount is paid by credit or debit card, it automatically leaves a trail for the taxman to (3) since bank accounts have PAN card details. At some point, presumably, the same principle needs to be extended to luxury boutiques/shops and showrooms for automobiles, among others. The finance secretary, in fact, has said the government will set up a committee to suggest ways to incentive credit and debit card transactions. One of them, he said, could be to share the costs of the Point of Sale device; greater spread of the RuPay cards could be another, (4) their charges are lower. Another suggestion made has been to limit the amount of cash that can be (5) while purchasing property. While discouraging the use of cash is a good thing, it is unlikely incentive’s the use of credit/debit cards is going to be of much use. A person buying a house or a luxury car, or paying for an expensive meal in a luxury hotel in cash is not doing so to avoid paying the service charge levied by Visa or MasterCard—the idea is to avoid getting (6) in the tax net.

It is equally important to recognize that (7) mandating some things will not help. There is, for instance, no way of ensuring a limit, of say Rs.50,000, for the cash payment on the purchase of a flat as long as the registration is being done at a lower value than the actual one. The only way to check this is to do other reforms like lowering stamp duties, (8) circle rates with market values and refuse to recognize power of attorneys as proof of sale. The other, and more sensible, way is to make use of the troves of information the government already (9) by way of annual information returns from jewellers, real estate firms, automobile dealers, hotels, property registrars, travel agents and airlines among others. Once a profile is available of large spenders, this needs to be (10) with the income tax returns.

1. 1. Venture 2.functional 3.splits 4.commission 5.share
Answer: share

2. 1. Capacity 2.measures 3.sizes 4.degrees 5.extreme
Answer: measures

3. 1. Remedy 2.conspire 3.follow 4.omit 5.decide
Answer: follow

4. 1. Given 2. considerate 3. suspicious 4. inclined 5. foremost
Answer: Given

5. 1. charged 2. reimburse 3. loan 4. raised 5. paid
Answer: paid

Directions (1-5): In the following questions, a part of the sentence (a word or a phrase) has been highlighted in bold. four different ways of writing the word or phrase has been given in the options (b), (c), (d) and (e). Find the correct replacement of the given bold word or phrase. If the given word or phrase is grammatically correct, then select option (a). Option (a) repeats the same word or phrase.

Q1. Carnivorous mammals can endure what would otherwise be lethal levels of body heat because they have a heat-exchange network which kept the brain from getting too hot.

    A. which kept
    B. that keeps
    C. which has kept
    D. that has been keeping
    E. having kept

Answer: B

Q2. The commission has directed advertisers to restrict the use of the word “natural” to foods that do not contain color or flavor additives, chemical preservatives, or nothing that has been synthesized.

    A. or nothing that has been
    B. or that has been
    C. and nothing that is
    D. or anything that has been
    E. and anything

Answer: D

Q3. The Iroquois were primarily planters, but supplementing their cultivation of maize, squash, and beans with fishing and hunting.

    A. but supplementing
    B. and had supplemented
    C. and even though they supplemented
    D. although they supplemented
    E. but with supplementing

Answer: E

Q4. As contrasted with the honeybee, the yellow jacket can sting repeatedly without dying and carries a potent venom that can cause intense pain.

    A. As contrasted with the honeybee,
    B. In contrast to the honeybee’s,
    C. Unlike the sting of the honeybee,
    D. Unlike that of the honeybee,
    E. Unlike the honeybee,

Answer: A

Q5. None of the attempts to specify the causes of crime explains why most of the people exposed to the alleged causes do not commit crimes and, conversely, why so many of those not so exposed have.

    A. have
    B. has
    C. shall
    D. do
    E. could

Answer: D

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