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IBPS PO Final Interview

shape Introduction

Candidates who are shortlisted in the main examination for IBPS PO will subsequently be called for a IBPS PO Final Interview where the candidate will be tested for personality traits, speaking skills, current affairs and banking domain knowledge. Also, document verifications of the qualifications of the candidate will be conducted by the Participating Organizations and coordinated by the Nodal Bank in each State/ UT with the help of IBPS.

  • Interviews will be conducted at the selected centers.

  • The qualifying marks for the Interview will be as decided by the Bank.

  • The centre, address of the venue, time & date of Interview will be informed to the shortlisted candidates in the call letter. Candidates are required to download their interview call letters from authorized IBPS website.

  • IBPS PO 2017_Interview_Reference

shape Selection

Final Selection:

  • The marks obtained in the Preliminary Examination (Phase-I) will not be added for the selection and only the marks obtained in Main Examination (Phase-II) will be added to the marks obtained in Interview (Phase-III) for the preparation of the final merit list.

  • The candidates will have to qualify both in Phase-II and Phase-III separately.

  • The minimum qualifying marks in interview will not be less than 40% (35% for SC/ST/OBC/PWD candidates). The weightage (ratio) of IBPS PO/MT (Main exam) and interview will be 80:20 respectively.

  • The combined final score of candidates shall be arrived at on the basis of scores obtained by the candidates in the Main Examination of IBPS PO/MT-VII and Interview.

  • The selection will be made from the top merit ranked candidates in each category.

  • Results of the candidates who have qualified in the Interview and the list of candidates finally selected will be made available on the IBPS Website

  • The final selected list will be published in Employment News/ Rozgar Samachar and also in the IBPS Website

shape Provisional

Provisional Allotment:

Candidates shortlisted after the interview will be provisionally allotted to one of the Participating Organisations based on:

  • The vacancies to be filled in during the financial year 2019-20.

  • The final vacancies to be reported by the Participating Organizations.

  • The business needs of the Participating Organisations and

  • Merit-cum-preference keeping in view the spirit of Govt. Guidelines on reservation policy, various guidelines issued by Govt. of India/Others from time to time, administrative exigency, etc.

    Click Here for the Official Notification – IBPS PO 2019 Recruitment

  • shape Process

    Can anyone tell the process and time involved from the interview to joining in IBPS bank PO?
    After the IBPS PO Interview, the candidates on the basis of merit cum preference are shortlisted and they need to participate in the post allotment process. In this process, every qualified candidate will be allotted to one of the Participating banks as per the last and final vacancy list issued by them.

    • But if you take a provisional allotment letter as an employment offer letter, then you’re wrong.

    • Any failure in producing any documentation proof or if you’re not able to satisfy the eligibility criteria, the allotment will be forfeited. Even if two or more candidates gained the same scores, then the recruitment will be decided according to the date of birth.

    • The senior candidate is given the first preference over the junior one.

    shape Interviews

    Name of the Candidate: Maninderjit Kaur [ Cleared IBPS PO & IBPS CLERK]
    Date: January 31,2018
    Venue: Chandigarh
    Slot: 1pm
    Background: B.Sc (non – med)
    Graduation Year: 2017
    Dress: Salwar Suit with Blazer (winter time)

    It was around 4:30 pm we were a group of 8 – 10 candidates waiting for the interview. I was too relaxed, don’t know why but interviews rarely make me nervous. Candidates coming out of interview hall were being questioned outside by other candidates that how it went, what are they asking? (Yeah the same situation as in Viva) A girl before me came happily after the interview and just said that the panel members [ denoted by M1, M2, M3, M4] are so nice. Then comes my turn. I heeded towards the room. Greeted everyone there. They asked me to sit and then I took my seat.

    They initiated in Punjabi so the interview went in Punjabi English mix. I am writing this transcript in English only do that everyone can understand.

    M1 : Hanji Maninder Beta, tell us about yourself.
    Me: Sir, I am Maninderjit Kaur. I completed my graduation in a non-medical stream from Saroop Rani Government College, Amritsar. My hobby is Poetry and I have also participated in various Public speaking events during school and college time. My career goal is to fulfill my personal aspirations along with taking part in societal development

    M1: What is the role of the Central Vigilance Commission and how many members it has?
    Me: Explained the role and said sir, I have read about no. of members but can’t recall exactly right now.

    M1: What is the tenure of members of Rajya Sabha?
    Me: 6 years, 1/3rd members retire every 2 years. But it’s a permanent house can’t be dissolved ( Polity is my favorite topic so explained more than required 😉 )

    M2: What work will you do as an officer?
    Me: (I didn’t know about the actual work profile of a PO so my answer was very exaggerated one)
    Sir, I as a PO will make sure people are getting adequate facilities in the bank. Whenever I visit a bank I find people struggling because they can’t even fill the vouchers. I do help people in this but that’s not adequate. I’ll make sure social aspects be equally focused upon. Then I’ll also try to curb cyber threats by making sure all the guidelines are effectively implemented and making people aware of all these threats and safeguards. I will make sure financial inclusion be a reality soon. (Somewhere I mentioned phishing as well)

    M2: What is phishing and how will you overcome cyber threats?
    Me: Explained phishing with example used the word malware. And gave the example of Cyber Swachta kendras for malware deletion.

    M2: What is financial literacy? ( I used term financial inclusion somewhere)
    Me: Explained by giving examples

    M3: So you are a Computer Science Graduate. What is the difference between malware, xyz, abc, def…? (Don’t know what terms he used)
    Me: Sorry sir I am not computer science graduate. I don’t know the difference between all these terms

    M4 : You are a wonderful speaker, have you given any speech on pollution? ( I mentioned in the intro about my co curricular)
    Me: Yes sir, During school time.

    M4: What are the types of accounts?
    Me: Current , Saving. ( I didn’t prepare well so Banking was my weakest area) He said fixed. Then I said recurring also.

    M4: What are the types of loans?
    Me: Housing loan, Vehicle loan, Education loan, etc.

    M5: Female member: Women Helpline no?
    Me: 1901 . It’s 1091 beta . ( Read that in an auto that morning while observing that how much details are written in auto, still it went wrong)
    I told them that I read in the auto. Received compliment of being a keen observer.

    M5: Name 5 Social security schemes of Mr. Modi’s regime.
    Me: Explained.

    M1: Ok beta thanks.
    Me: Bas enni chotti jehi ( Only this much)

    They smiled and said chotti vich hi bada kuch vekh laya ( We have seen a lot in the small conversation itself)
    • Very cordial panel, they were laughing in between. Felt like talking to my elders at home.
    • No question on why banking and all. As I already explained this in the intro that I want to make my career in a field where I can do social service and fulfill my ambitions.
    Name of the Candidate: Tamanna Saroya [Cleared IBPS PO in 1st Attempt]
    Venue: Dena Laxmi Building, Dena Bank, Ahmedabad
    Date: 30th January 2019
    Time: 1:00 PM (Panel 2)

    The panel consisted of 4 male and a female member.
    I knocked on the door and asked if I could come in. As soon as I entered, one of the panelists welcomed very cheerfully.

    M1: Hello Ms. Tamanna!! How are you? Please have a seat.
    Me: Thank you, sir. (Greeted all other panelists)

    M1: So…Tamanna..you have completed your graduation in Tamil Nadu and now you are living in Ahmedabad. So tell me what differences have you seen between Tamil Nadu and Gujarat?
    Me: There are a lot of differences sir. From infrastructure to culture, everything is different. (Told a few points and then he stopped me)

    M2: But your name is not a south-Indian name. Why is that so?
    Me: That is because my native is Haryana but I have lived in Tamil Nadu for a very long time.

    M2: You have attended PO interview before. I have seen you in one of the previous interviews.
    Me: No, Sir. Maybe you are mistaking me for someone else. This is my first IBPS PO interview. I have attended the Indian Bank PO interview though….which was held in the month of December.

    M2: So you are quite sure you want to join the banking sector?
    Me: Yes Sir! (with a confident smile)

    M3: You have completed your engineering degree with good grades. Why didn’t you opt for a career in the engineering field? Didn’t you get select in campus? Why did you want to join banking in particular?
    Me: No sir. I got selected in the very first company in my college. But I never wanted to enter the field of engineering. It was not my choice. But I had no other options than to do engineering. Then I came to know about banking exams from my hostel mate. I did a small research about the sector and it interested me.

    M4: Ms. Tamanna, do you know that bank PO is one of the hectic jobs? It is not just a 10–5 job. Are you aware of that?
    Me: Yes Sir. I am totally aware of this.

    M4: You are saying so because now you do not have a family. Will your answer be the same after you get married?
    Me: Sir, there are a lot of women who handle their families well while going for a job. I understand that merely stating this is easy and it is quite hard to balance both as a working woman and as a housewife. But I am quite confident that I will perform my duties well.

    M4: (Smiling) Points out the female panelists to ask something.

    F1: You have completed engineering, right? Can you tell me the difference between an AND gate and an OR gate? Assume that you are teaching it to a 4th or 5th std student who has no idea about gates.
    Me: Explained well.

    F1: Manna padega…Engineering bahut mann laga kar padhi hai! (Must say, you have done engineering with great interest)

    M1: Okay..before leaving…tell me a sentence in Gujarati.
    Me: Said. Thanked all the panelists with a smile.

    Lessons I learnt from the interview:
    • Be confident.
    • Try to be as truthful as possible because the questions arise from the answers you have given.

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