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Important Committees – Banking Sector

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Static GK is one of the important section in Government Sector and Bank related Exams. In static GK, Banking is one of the important section. The article Important Committees – Banking Sector presents the key points of Important Committees. The article Important Committees – Banking Sector can help the students and aspirants to perform well in the exams like IBPS PO, SO, Clerk, SBI, RRB, etc.

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Important Committees – Banking Sector – Committees:

  • R. Gandhi Committee – Govt Securities

  • MV Nair Committee – Priority Sector Lending

  • YH Malegam Committee – Licensing of new Urban Co-operative banks

  • Usha Thorat Committee – NBFCs, Lead Bank Scheme

  • Shri Deepak Mohanty Committee – BPLR (Benchmark Prime Lending Rate)

  • SS Tarapore Committee – Fuller Capital Account Convertibility

  • HR Khan Committee – Issues related to Rural Credit and Micro finance

  • Anand Sinha Committee – Export Credit

  • Dr. Barman Committee – Cheque Truncation and E-cheques

  • N Narasimham Committee – On Rural Credit, Establishment of RRBs

  • Parekh Committee – Infrastructure Financing

  • Rangarajan Committee – Financial Inclusion, Public Sector Disinvestment, Computerization of Banking Industry

  • Gadgil Committee – Lead Bank Scheme

  • A Ghosh Committee – Fraud and malpractices in Banks

  • RK Hazare Committee – Differential Interest Rates (DIR) Scheme

  • S Padmanabhan Committee – To review the on-site supervision function of banks, Inspection of banks by the RBI

  • Abid Hussain Committee: Related to Small Scale Industries

  • Arvind Mayaram Committee: For defining clear definitions of Foreign Institutional Investment (FII) & Foreign Direct Investment (FDI).

  • Bhandari Committee: For Reconstruction of RRBs

  • C Rangarajan committee: For poverty scale estimates in the country

  • MBN Rao Committee: For preparing the blueprint of India’s first women’s bank

  • Nachiket Mor Committee: For comprehensive financial services for small businesses and low-income households.

  • Parthasarathi Shome committee: For the implementation of GAAR (General Anti Avoidance Rule)

  • SN Verma Committee (1999): For Restructuring the Commercial Banks

  • Deepak Mohanty Committee: on Data and Information Management in RBI

  • P.J. Nayak: to review Governance of Boards of Banks in India

  • Nachiket Mor Committee: to permits NBFCs to work as Business Correspondents of banks.

  • Bimal Jalan panel: to scrutinize applications for new bank licenses.