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Indian Foreign Satellites

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Indian Foreign Satellites

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India has launched satellites for different foreign countries.All the satellites were launched using the ISRO’s Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV) expendable launch system. This article represents the complete list of Indian Foreign Satellites List. The article Indian Foreign Satellites is important in GK/GA sections asked in different competitive exams. The article Indian Foreign Satellites shows the list of satellites launched by different space agencies in certain year by certain country.

The following table presents the list of Indian Foreign Satellites
Satellite Name Year Launching Vehicle Country
Kitsat-3 1999 PSLV-C2 South Korea
BIRD 2001 PSLV-C3 Germany
PROBA 2001 PSLV –C3 Belgium
Pehuensat-1 2007 PSLV-C7 Argentina
AGILE 2007 PSLV-C8 Italy
TecSAR 2008 PSLV-C10 Israel
CAN-X2 2008 PSLV-C9 Canada
CUTE-1.7 2008 PSLV-C9 Japan
Delfi-C3 2008 PSLV-C9 Netherlands
AAUSAT-II 2008 PSLV-C9 Denmark
COMPASS-1 2008 PSLV-C9 Germany
SEEDS-2 2008 PSLV-C9 Japan
NLS-5 2008 PSLV-C9 Canada
Rubin-8 2008 PSLV-C9 Germany
UWE-2 2009 PSLV-C14 Germany
BeeSat-1 2009 PSLV-C14 Germany
ITUpSAT1 2009 PSLV-C14 Turkey
SwissCube-1 2009 PSLV-C14 Switzerland
ALSAT-2A 2010 PSLV-C15 Algeria
VESSELSAT-1 2011 PSLV-C18 Luxembourg
X-SAT 2011 PSLV-C16 Singapore
SPOT-6 2012 PSLV-C2 France
SAPPHIRE 2013 PSLV-C20 Canada
NEOSSAT 2013 PSLV-C20 Canada
DLR-Tubsat 1999 PSLVC-2 Germany

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