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JSP MyEclipse

Chapter 4

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JSP MyEclipse

JSP MyEclipse

shape Description

JSP MyEclipse 2014 is a monetarily accessible Java EE and Ajax IDE made and kept up by the organization Genuitec, an establishing individual from the Eclipse Foundation. MyEclipse is based upon the Eclipse platform, and coordinates both exclusive and open source code into the advancement environment.
JSP MyEclipse, The chapter demonstrates about JSP MyEclipse. While executing the Java programs, developer needs to import some packages and interfaces so that is available in Eclipse IDE. IDE will cost the developer less time, effort and navigation is also easy. Error debugging is also easy and navigation at error line will be visible. Automatic server configuration and JDK path setting will be available in Eclipse IDE.

Create web project

shape Step-1

First open the MyEclipse and click on New button and select Web Project.

Name the Project

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When click on Web Project, another page will be opened where enter the Project Name and click on Finish button.

Show Web Project

shape Step-3

When click on finish project will be created that as follows.

Go to Others

shape Step-4

From WebRoot click right button and go to New then click on Others.

Type as JSP

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After click on others, select the wizard that is JSP and click on Next button.

Create JSP

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Now select the file name that is index.jsp to create a basic program and click on Finish.

Show  JSP

shape Step-7

When click on Finish button, automatically code will be opened.

Write JSP Code

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Here inside the body one can write JSP or HTML code.

Start Server

shape Step-9

Now select the server to run the code on the browser as shown below. Make sure to already installed any server on the system.

Choose Server

shape Step-10

Now choose the server is Tomcat and then click OK.

Type URI in browser

shape Step-11

In the URL bar type the project name as follows.


shape Key Points

  • JSP MyEclipse – The latest version of Eclipse version is mars 4.5 was released in 2015.
  • In eclipse all records can be viewed and managed at single screen.