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Letter to a Friend – Online Gaming Addiction – Recovery Tips

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Letter to a Friend – Online Gaming Addiction – Recovery Tips

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What is a Letter?
A Letter is a written piece of communication serving a purpose of the writer. A letter is usually written with the purpose to either provide information, convey a message, request for a task to be done or to report about a situation. Over the years, letter writing 2 has also been an intimate part of people’s life. It was used as a means for creating a lovely relationship between people leaving far apart.

As the communication technology evolved, the importance of letters in the routine communication reduced. However, it is still the mode of communication for official purposes. In addition to that, letters are also used as means to judge the communication ability of the writers. Letters comes in a variety of tones. Hence, it clearly indicates the writer’s response and thought process in every situation. There are organizations which consider letter as a means for judging a candidate’s psychological thought process and communication skills. This document discusses various types of letters that are being used in the routine communication as well as in competitive exams & interviews.

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Write a letter to your friend by suggesting ways to recover his son from online gaming addiction.

Damodharapuram Main Road,
Adyar, Chennai – 20
4 July, 2019

Dear Pranav,

I hope this letter finds you in fine fettle. I had a great time with your family last week. I have not yet finished describing to my husband about my visit to your place last week. This trip will be a cherishing memory.

But one thing that keeps me worried is about your son Krish’s addiction to online games. Although video games are enjoyable and entertaining to children in many ways, excessive gaming is a bad thing. It was alarming when I came to know that Krish spends almost 16 hours playing online video games. This can lead to obesity, brain atrophy and laziness. Don’t worry. There are number of ways which can help Krish come out of this addiction.

My first advice is not to make him completely stop playing online games. Just cut down the number of hours and set a time boundary like no ipads after 8pm. Clearly explain him the consequence of breaking the rules. Say if he continues to play after 8pm, you will cut an hour of gaming privilege for the next day. Insist him to complete his homework on time and make him help you with household chores. Create family time. Make it a habit to watch healthy programs in television along with your family. Make him sit with you and read out inspiring and life motivating stories. Teach him to play chess and other board games physically instead of online. This can be done only if you involve yourself in playing these games with Krish rather than leaving him alone.

I hope you will keep these advices intact. I wish to see Krish as an active kid having fun with family and friends and not tied up with technology. Convey my regards to your family

See you soon.

Yours affectionately,

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