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Letter to Mother About Achievements in College

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Letter to Mother About Achievements in College

Letter to Mother About Achievements in College

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Write a letter to your mother about your achievements in college.

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D.No 347,
Sneha Apartments,
Andhra Pradesh,
December 15, 2017.

Dearest Amma,

I take this opportunity to let you know that I am thankful to God for giving me such a loving mother. Your caring nature, your teachings and constant motivation at every step of my life have always been relentless.

The values and ethics you taught me in my growing years have made me the person I am today. As a student of India’s finest Management Institution, I feel all this has only been possible because of you.

Amma, my second-trimester result has been declared, and I topped again in my entire batch. My faculty members are very appreciative of my performance. I will continue to work hard with the same zeal. I have also worked hard on my communication skills in the last few months.

Last month there was an International Conference organized by my Institution, and I was selected as the lead anchor for the entire duration of the conference. It was an incredibly enriching experience for me, and I had the opportunity to interact with several senior professors of management from India as well as abroad.

I still remember, you always believed in the saying “Early to bed and early to rise a person healthy, wealthy and wise.” Life in this Institution is very stressful, but I can manage it all so well, only because of my habit of getting up early in the morning and perform yoga along with meditation. I remember when I was a young boy, you taught the importance of exercise and living an overall healthy lifestyle.

In fact, my Dean has recommended me to teach yoga and meditation to all other students of the Institute.

My dear Amma, thank you once again for everything, and I promise that I will make you proud of my achievements.

Your Loving Son,

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