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LIC ADO General Knowledge

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LIC ADO General Knowledge

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Scheme of Mains Examination for recruitment to the post of Apprentice Development Officer (ADOs) in LIC is as follows:

  • Preliminary Examination consisting of the objective test will be conducted online.

  • The test will have three sections (with separate timings for each section).

The article LIC ADO General Knowledge presents the LIC ADO General Knowledge section questions and answers with detailed explanation.

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LIC ADO General Knowledge – Mains Exam Pattern:

S.NO Name of the Test Number of Questions Maximum Marks Duration
Reasoning Ability & Numerical Ability
50 50 120 Minutes
General Knowledge, minutes Current Affairs and English Language with Special Emphasis on Grammar and vocabulary
50 50
Insurance and Financial Marketing Awareness with special emphasis on knowledge of Life Insurance and Financial Sector
50 50
Total 150 150

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LIC ADO General Knowledge – Samples:

1. The commandant of the Indian Army Lieutenant General Shailesh Tinaikar was appointed as the new force commander of the United Nations Mission to which country?

    A. Syria
    B. South Sudan
    C. Nigeria
    D. Ethiopia

Answer: Option B

2. Cairo is the capital of which country?

    A. Georgia
    B. Haiti
    C. Iceland
    D. Egypt

Answer: Option D

3. Zagreb is the capital of which country?

    A. Croatia
    B. Costa Rica
    C. Estonia
    D. Fiji

Answer: Option A

4. The Gathering Storm’ is written by

    A. Winston Churchill
    B. George Washington
    C. Voltaire
    D. Romain Rolland

Answer: Option A

5. When was SAARC founded?

    A. 1982
    B. 1984
    C. 1985
    D. 1983

Answer: Option C

6. Which scientist discovered the radioactive element radium?

    A. Isaac Newton
    B. Albert Einstein
    C. Benjamin Franklin
    D. Marie Curie

Answer: Option D

7. On which date, World Thyroid Day is celebrated?

    A. May 27
    B. May 26
    C. May 25
    D. May 22

Answer: Option C

8. Track and field star Carl Lewis won how many gold medals at the 1984 Olympic games?

    A. Two
    B. Three
    C. Four
    D. Eight

Answer: Option C

9. The prestigious Ramon Magsaysay Award was conferred was conferred upon Ms. Kiran Bedi for her excellent contribution to which of the following fields?

    A. Literature
    B. Community Welfare
    C. Government Service
    D. Journalism

Answer: Option C

10. What is the full form of “BIOS”?

    A. Basic Input Output System
    B. Bureau of Information Science
    C. Business Investment on Shares
    D. Broadcasting and Information Organisation

Answer: Option A