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MASOOM | Mitigation of Adolescent Sexually Offensive Online Material

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MASOOM | Mitigation of Adolescent Sexually Offensive Online Material

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Operation Masoom

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MASOOM – What is Operation Masoom?
Operation Masoom (Mitigation of Adolescent Sexually Offensive Online Material) is a strong measure taken by the Delhi Police against the online circulation of offensive material of the adolescent. With a motive to mitigate such heinous activities, the content that involves sexual graphics of the young adolescents and children online has been dealt with strictly by the Delhi Government . Started as an initiative to provide protection against online child obscenity, such an operation has been launched. Upon receiving tips from grapevines, who relentlessly monitor the web for such activities, necessary steps are taken against such activities.

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MASOOM – How is Operation Masoom executed?
Execution of Operation Masoom has several stages:

  • The first stage deals with the CyberTips who, in partnership with international forums keep a tab over the cyberspace over any such suspicious activities online
  • A database of the historical offenders and surfers are available with the CyPAD, who on the basis of the tips begin the investigation.
  • Upon successful completion of the investigation, the root cause of the problem is reached and dealt with accordingly.

MASOOM – Why is Operation Masoom in news?
Recently, on \({24}^{th}\) November 2019, six people have been arrested from Delhi on the pretext of the circulation of digital media related to child obscenity and pornography. To battle against such heinous crimes, Operation Masoom has been launched to reach the root of such an incidence. Using the digital footprints of the offenders, the CyPAD takes actions against by investigating on such offenders. Based on this investigation, the offenders are arrested.

Which articles deal with issues of Child Abuse?
Under Article 13 through 15, the issues of women and child safety are dealt with. These articles come under the POSCO Act, which aims to extend protection to minors against any form of assault, harassment and online circulation of child pornographic material. We will look into the details of Article 13 through 15 in this article.

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Salient features of the Operation Masoom:

  • Initiated to curb the growing menace of online distribution of child pornography.
  • Initiated by the Delhi Police on \({24}^{th}\) November 2019 on the pretext of sharing pornographic images of children through social media.
  •   New term: CyberTip
      1. Information received about the online trails and surfing that has been done over social media relating to child pornography
      2. Along with international collaborations, a rich database about the list of probable offenders are made which are then handed over to the Delhi Police
      3. The further concrete investigation is done based on these tips received, which assists the police to reach the actual criminal of such horrendous crimes.

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    MASOOM – Related Articles/Acts:

    1. POSCO Act: Launched in the year 2012, was initiated for the protection of women and children against any form of sexual harassment. Launched by the Ministry of Women and Child development, it encapsulates three sections pertaining to circulation of offensive digital media online:


      i.     Section 13: Any print media displaying children as a form of a sexually offensive object is liable to punishment in the court of law.
      ii.     Section 14: Different forms of punishments have been laid down in which any perpetrator either involved actively/passively with the child used for obscene digital material shall be dealt with in the court of law.
      iii.     Section 15: Three-year imprisonment for being responsible for possessing graphical or print media of child pornography or be dealt with fine or both as per jurisdiction.

    2. Information Technology Act (Section 67):
    Section 67 of the IT Act deals with the publication of digital media which is both offensive and derogatory. It also extends to the ones being involved in such crimes, thus making them liable to be punished in the court of law. Speaking in-depth, it makes anyone who is responsible for publishing or distributing offensive material as well as the people involved in such materials liable to be punished. If found guilty for the first time, the individual may either have to suffer an imprisonment of no more than three years or a capital fine of 5 lakhs which rises to ten lakhs upon being the second-time offenders.

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    MASOOM – Five pointer summary:

    When was the operation launched? \({24}^{th}\) November 2019
    Who launched it? Delhi Police
    Purpose of the operation? Curbing the online distribution of sexual content related to child pornography by tracking down the criminals and taking them under the ambit of the Indian court of law.
    Which acts are associated with it? POSCO Act (2012), Section 13-15 Information Technology Act, Section 67
    Important person: Anyesh Roy (DCP Cyber Crime Unit)

    Author: Biplab Roy
    Published: November 27, 2019

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