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Maven Installation

Chapter 4

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Maven Installation

Maven Installation

shape Introduction

Maven installation chapter provides the steps to install Maven for Windows Environment. To install Maven, one should have a machine with Java Development Kit (JDK) of atleast 1.7 version or the later.

shape Step-1

To download JDK, click on the below tag to view the installation process of JDK.

Download JDK

shape Step-2

Then, download Apache Maven by clicking on the below tag.

Download Maven

Then, search for the “Download” button on that page.

shape Step-3

After downloading, extract the zip file. Once done with downloading, see the folder-apache-maven-3.3.9.

Now, create a system variable and set the path by following the below instructions.

Go to My Computer -> Right click on My Computer -> Properties -> Advance System Settings

Go to

(2) Click on Environment Variables.

(3) In System Variables, Click on New.

(4) Enter the Variable Name: MAVEN_HOME and
Variable Value: C:\apache-maven-3.3.9

(5) Click on OK.

(6) Set the path for Maven by double clicking on Path in System Variable.

(7) Put semicolon(;) before entering the path. This path will be in the Maven bin folder. It looks like C:\apache-maven-3.3.9\bin

(8) Click on OK.

Now, the installation process of Maven is completed.

To check whether the installation process is successful or not, go to Command Prompt and enter mvn -version. If the installation is successful, the following output appears. Otherwise, an error will be shown.


shape Key Points

  • Installing JDK of 1.7 version is important for Maven
  • mvn or mvn -version are the two commands that are used to check if Maven installation was successful.

shape Programming

  • Setting the path for the Created variable is important.
  • Do not forget to add semicolon while setting the path.