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Measuring Devices

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Measuring Devices

Measuring Devices

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A Measuring Device or a Measuring Instrument is a device for measuring a quantity. Measuring Devices are used in different sciences and in everyday life for obtaining measurements and comparing measurements. Example: An Accelerometer is a device that measures proper acceleration. An Altimeter or an altitude meter is an instrument used to measure the altitude of an object above a fixed level. The article Measuring Devices & Usage presents the list of important Measuring Devices & Usage in different Scientific Fields.

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Measuring Devices are simply the instruments used for determining various quantities such as temperature, mass, height, length, voltage, mechanical force, pressure etc.

Device Usage
Accelerometer Physical, accelerations
Actinometer Heating power of sunlight
Alcoholmeter Alcoholic strength of liquids
Altimeter Altitudes
Ammeter Electric current
Anemometer Windspeed
Audiometer Hearing
Astrolabe latitude and altitude of celestial bodies
Accumulator Electrical energy is stored

Device Usage
Barkometer Tanning liquors used in tanning leather
Barometer Air pressure
Bettsometer Integrity of fabric coverings on aircraft
Bevameter Mechanical properties of soil
Bolometer Electromagnetic radiation
Breathalyzer Breath alcohol content
Brannock Device Measuring shoe size
Binocular It is used to view distant objects
Barograph Continuous recording of atmospheric pressure

Device Usage
Chronometer Time
Caliper Distance
Calorimeter Heat of chemical reactions
Cathetometer Vertical distances
Ceilometer Height of a cloud base
Clap-O-Meter Volume of applause
Colorimeter Color
Creepmeter Slow surface displacement of an active geologic fault in the earth
Compass Direction of North
Cardiogram It traces movements of the heat, recorded on a cardiograph
Commutator An instrument to change or remove the direction of an electric current, in dynamo used to convert alternating current into direct current
Callipers Measures diameters of thin cylinder/wire.
Carburettor Used for charging air with petrol vapours in an internal combustion engine.
Cinematograph Used for projecting pictures on the screen
Crescograph Used for measuring growth in plants
Cryometer Measurement of low temperature

Device Usage
Declinometer Magnetic declination
Densimeter Specific gravity of liquids
Densitometer Degree of darkness in photographic or semitransparent material
Diffractometer Structure of crystals
Dilatometer Volume changes caused by a physical or chemical process
Disdrometer Size, speed, and velocity of raindrops
Dosimeter Exposure to hazards, especially radiation
Dumpy Level Horizontal levels
Dynamometer Force, torque or power
Dynamo It converts mechanical energy into electrical energy

Device Usage
Elaeometer Specific gravity of oils
Electronic Stand Mass
Electricity Meter Electrical energy used
Electrometer Electric charge
Electronic Tuner Pitch of musical notes
Ellipsometer Refractive index, dielectric function, thickness of thin films
Eudiometer Change in volume of a gas mixture following combustion
Evaporimeter Rate of evaporation
Electroscope It detects presence of an electric charge
Endoscope It examines internal parts of the body
Electroencephalograph Electrical activity of the brain
Electrocardiograph Electrical activity of the heart
Electron microscope Used to obtain a magnifying view of very small objects (20,000 times)

Device Usage
Fathometer Ocean depth
Feeler Gauge Gap widths
Framing Square Right angles in construction
Frequency Counter Frequency of alternating current
Fuel Gauge Fuel level
Forward looking infrared (FLIR) Detects infrared energy (heat) converts it into an electronic signal, which is then processed to produce a thermal image on a video monitor and perform temperature calculations.
Fluxmeter Measures magnetic flux

Device Usage
Galvanometer Electricity
Gas Pycnometer Volume and density of solids
Glucometer Blood glucose (diabetes)
Graphometer Angles
Geiger counter Ionizing radiation (alpha, beta, gamma, etc.)
Gramophone Used to reproducing recorded sound

Device Usage
Heliometer Variation of the sun’s diameter
Hydrometer Specific gravity of liquids (density of liquids)
Hygrometer Humidity
Hydrophone It measures the sound under water
Hygroscope Shows the changes in atmospheric humidity
Hypsometer Determines boiling point of liquids

Device Usage
Inclinometer Angle of a slope
Inkometer Ink
Interferometer Wave interference
Infrared thermometer Measures heat radiated

Device Usage
Katharometer Composition of gases

Device Usage
Lactometer Specific gravity of milk
Light Meter Light (in photography)
Load Cell Measurement of force
Lux Meter Intensity of light
Lysimeter Balance of water in soil

Device Usage
Magnetometer Strength of magnetic fields
Manometer Pressure of gas
Mass Flow Meter Mass flow rate of a fluid travelling through a tube
Mass Spectrometer Masses of ions, used to identify chemical substances through their mass spectra
Measuring Cup Liquid and dry goods
Measuring Spoon A spoon used to measure an amount of an ingredient, either liquid or dry
Mercury Barometer Atmospheric pressure
Micrometer Small distances
Multimeter Electrical potential, resistance, and current
Mariner’s compass It is an instrument used by the sailors to determine the direction
Microphone It converts the sound waves into electrical vibrations
Microscope It is used to obtain magnified view of small objects
Machmeter Determines the speed of an aircraft relative to the speed of sound

Device Usage
Nephoscope To measure the speed and direction of clouds
Nephelometer Particle in a liquid

Device Usage
Odometer Distance travelled
Ohmmeter Electrical resistance
Orchidometer Testicle size in male humans
Oscilloscope Oscillations
Osmometer Osmotic strength of a solution, colloid, or compound matter of an object
Ondometer Measures the frequency of electromagnetic waves (radio waves)
Optometer Used for testing the refractive power of the eye
Otoscope Used for visual examination of the eardrum

Device Usage
Parking Meter Collects moneys for vehicle parking rights in a zone for a limited time
Pedometer Counts each steps you have walked and displays them again along with the number of calories that you have burned
Ph Meter Ph (chemical acidity/basicity of a solution)
Photometer Illuminance or irradiance
Polarimeter Rotation of polarized light
Potentiometer Voltage (term is also used to refer to a variable resistor)
Profilometer Surface roughness
Protractor Angles
Psychrometer Humidity
Pycnometer Fluid density
Pyranometer Solar radiation
Pyrheliometer Direct solar insolation
Pyrometer High temperatures
Planimeter area
Phonograph It is an instrument for producing sound
Periscope It is used to view objects above sea level (used in sub-marines)
Plastometer Flow properties of plastic materials
Polarimetry Polarization of transverse waves, electromagnetic waves
Polygraph It simultaneously records changed in physiological processes such as heartbeat, blood pressure & the respiration (used as lie detector)

Device Usage
Quadrat Percentage cover of a certain species
Quartz Crystal Microbalance Thickness of deposited thin films
Quartz Clock A highly accurate clock used in astronomical observations and other precision work
Quadrant Measures altitudes and angles in navigation and astronomy

Device Usage
Rain Gauge Measuring of rain
Radiometer Radiant flux of electromagnetic radiation
Refractometer Sugar concentration of sap and syrup
Rheometer Response to applied forces
Rotameter Pressure of a liquid or gas in a closed tube
Ruler For measuring length
Radar It is used for detecting the direction and range of an approaching plan by means of radio microwaves
Radio Micrometer It measures the emission of radiant energy
Rectifier An instrument used for the conversion of AC into DC
Resistance Thermometer Used for determining the electrical resistance of conductors

Device Usage
Saccharometer Amount of sugar in a solution
Seismometer Seismic waves (for example, earthquakes)
Sextant Location on earth’s surface (used in naval navigation)
Spectrometer Properties of light
Spectrophotometer Intensity of light as a function of wavelength
Speedometer Speed, velocity of a vehicle
Spirometer The lung capacity
Spherometer Radius of a sphere
Sphygmomanometer Blood pressure
Stadimeter Object range
Strainmeter Seismic strain
Swr Meter Standing wave ratio
Seismograph It measures the intensity of earthquake shocks
Salinometer It determines salinity of solution
Stereoscope It is used to view two dimensional pictures
Stethoscope An instrument which is used by the doctors to hear and analyze heart and lung sounds
Stroboscope It is used to view rapidly moving objects
Spectroscope An instrument used for spectrum analysis
Sphygmophone Instrument with the help of which, a pulse beat makes a sound
Spring Balance Useful for measuring weight

Device Usage
Tacheometer Distance
Tachometer Revolutions per minute, rate of blood flow, speed of aeroplanes
Taximeter Distance travelled, displacement
Tensiometer Surface tension of a liquid
Theodolite Measuring angles in the horizontal and vertical planes
Thermometer Temperature
Tintometer Colour
Tiltmeter Minor changes to the Earth
Telescope It views distant objects in space
Thermostat It regulates the temperature at a particular point
Teleprinter This instrument receives and sends typed messages from one place to another
Transistor A small device which may be used to amplify currents and perform other functions usually performed by a thermionic valve
Tangent galvanometer Measure the amount of direct current (DC)
Telemeter Records physical happenings at a distant place (space)
Tonometer Measures the pitch of a sound
Transformer An apparatus used for converting high voltage to low and vice-versa without change in its frequency.
Transponder To receive a signal and transmit a reply immediately in satellites.

Device Usage
Universal Measuring Machine Geometric locations
UV Meter Ultraviolet light

Device Usage
Vacuum Gauge Very low pressure
Viscometer Viscosity of a fluid
Voltmeter Electric potential, voltage
VU Meter Volume unit
Vernier An adjustable scale for measuring small sub divisions of scale
Venturimeter Measures the rate of flow of liquids

Device Usage
Wattmeter Electrical power
Weighing Scale Weight
Wind Vane Wind direction
Wavemeter To measure the wavelength of a radiowave (high frequency waves)

Device Usage
Zymometer Fermentation