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Medical Science Discoveries

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Medical Science Discoveries

Medical Science Discoveries

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Medical Science is a discipline including medicine, biochemistry, cell biology, physiology, pharmacology, etc..primarily involved in understanding of human biology. Medical Sciences also involves study design, statistics and laboratory techniques which are primarily used for analyzing and developing solutions related to human health. The article Medical Science Discoveries presents the list of important Discoveries of Medical Science.

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Medical Science Discoveries:

Inventor Invention Year
Atreya Ayurveda 2000-1000 B.C
A.s. Hyman Cardiac Pacemaker 1932
Alexander Wood Hypodermic Syringe 1853
Albrecht Von Haller Physiology 1757-66
Anton van Leeuwenhoek Bacteria 1674
Adolf Fick Contact lenses (glass) 1887
Alexander Fleming Penicillin 1928
Archibald Hector McIndoe Plastic surgery 1940s
Behring and Kitasato Anti-Toxin 1890
Burkholder Chloromycetin 1947
Bayliss and Starling Endocrinology 1902
Colin Murdoch Disposable syringe 1956
Christiaan Barnard Heart transplant 1967
Charles Gabriel Pravaz and Alexander Wood Hypodermic syringe 1853
Charles Babbage Ophthalmoscope 1847
Dr. Jonas E. Salk Anti-Polio Vaccine 1955
Dreser Aspirin 1889
Duggar Aureomycin 1948
Dr. Paul Muller D.D.T. 1939
Dr. Christiaan Barnard First Human Heart Transplant Operation 1967
Dr. Ronald Ross Malaria Parasites
Denton Cooley Artificial heart 1969
Dr. John F. Burke and Ioannis Yannas Artificial skin 1979
Dr. Thomas Blundell Blood transfusion (modern) 1818
Eijkman Cause Of Beriberi 1897
Eberth Typhoid Bacilli 1880
Edward Calvin Kendall Thyroxin 1919
Edward Jenner Vaccination (Small Pox) 1796
Edward Calvin Kendall Vitamin B1 1936
Eduard Zirm Corneal transplants 1905
Ferdinand Cohn Bacteriology 1872
F. Banting Insulin 1932
Friedrich Wilhelm Adam Serturner Morphine 1805
Franz Joseph Gall Neurology 1758-1828
Finley & Others Terramycin 1950
Finsen Ultraviolet Rays
Froelich Vitamin C 1919
Francis Crick, James Watson and Rosalind Franklin DNA (structure discovered) 1953
Frederick Banting and Charles Best Insulin (discovery) 1921
G. Domagk Sulfa Drugs
Gregory Pincus, John Rock and Min-Chueh Chang Birth control pill 1960 (approved by FDA)
George Fellows Harrington Dental drill (motor-driven) 1864
Garrett Augustus Morgan Gas mask 1912
Giovanni Battista Morgagni Pathology 1761
Henry Swan Cryosurgery 1953
Hans Berger Electroencephalogram 1929
Hahnemann Homeopathy
Hansen Leprosy Bacillus 1873
Hoffman L S D (Lysergic Acid Diethylamide) 1943
Hormones-Eugen Steinach Sex 1910
Hoffman Streptomycin 1944
Hippocrates Western Scientific Therapy 460 – 370 B.C.
Hans Janssen Microscope 1590
HermannLudwig von Helmholtz Ophthalmoscope 1851
Jean-Baptiste Denys Blood Transfusion 1625
Jan Baptista Van Helmont Biochemistry 1648
Jal Vakil Reserpine 1949
J.Nicolle Typhus-Vaccine 1909
Joseph Lister Antiseptic 1865
John Charnley Artificial hip 1972 (perfected)
James Smith and sons Cough drops 1847
Johann Gregor Mendel Genetics 1865
Jonas Salk Polio vaccine 1953
James Lind Scurvy vaccine 1753 (published)
Kitazato Dysentery And Plague Bacilli
Klebs & lofter Diphtheria Germs 1883-84
Karl Ernst von Baer Embryology 1792-1896
Kolf Kidney Machine 1944
Karl Landsteiner Rh-Factor 1940
Leeuwenhoek Bacteria 1683
Louis Pasteur Germ Theory, Hydrophobia Anti-Toxin 1882
Rabies Vaccine 1860
Laennec Stethoscope 1816
Land Steiner Synthetic Antigens 1917
Mondino Anatomy 1316
Marie Bichat Histology 1771-1802
Paracelsus Chemotherapy 1541
Paul Ehrlich Syphilis Cure 1910
Serology 1884-1915
Patanjali Yoga 200-100 B.C.
Paul Beiersdorf Adhesive plaster-covered bandages 1882
Philip Drinker Iron lung 1929
Pierre Joseph Pelletier and Joseph Bienaime Caventou Quinine 1820
Paul D. Parkman and Harry M. Meyer Jr. Rubella vaccine 1966
Robert Koch Cholera Bacillus 1577
Reed Cause Of Yellow Fever 1900
René Laënnec Stethoscope 1819
Schafer and Oliver Adrenaline 1894
Sir James Harrison and Sir James Young Simpson Chloroform 1847
Sigmund Freud Psycho-Analysis 1895
Thomas Allbutt Thermometer 1866
U.M. Brahmachari Kala-Azar Fever
Willem Einthoven Electrocardiograph 1903
Walton Lillehei Open Heart Surgery 1953
William Morton Anesthetic 1846
William Harvey Blood circulation 1628 (published)
Wilson Greatbatch Pacemaker (human) 1960 (first use)
Wilhelm Roentgen X-rays 1895