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MongoDB Advantages

Chapter 4

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MongoDB Advantages

MongoDB Advantages

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The chapter demonstrate about Mongo DB Advantages, Mongo DB is a main NoSQL Database and is an open source software. MongoDB is created in C++ Language that gives programmed scaling,high execution and high availability. In MongoDB, NoSQL means versus relational databases and when it get connected the Mongo server is up and start running.

The demand for fast application development has brought some extra technical features to the database,broadly termed as NoSQL Database and many of the develop application uses object oriented language. To perform these objects we use polymorphism, if the objects are not in uniform then use inheritance. But mapping those tables and rows can be quite a bit problem. And there is no schema that can be defined, and there is no tables and relationship exists between collections and objects.

Mongo DB additionally gives ACID properties at the record level as on account of relational databases. MongoDB bolster replication sets,i.e, the fail over instrument is consequently control by the mongodb server. If the main server goes down, the auxiliary server turns into the main server by default, with no human interference.

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  • MongoDB – Is a collection of documents in NoSQL database.
  • Application – Is a program or program design.
  • Horizontal scale ability – Pool of resources.


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The following are the MongoDB Advantages.

  • Contains a rich queries
  • Utilised centralized memory for saving the constitutional collections.
  • Enabling rapid accessing of information.
  • Tuning
  • Mapping and transformation of  object commands to object database are not necessary.
  • Complicated joins doesn’t exits
  • Architecture of a solitary items are clear
  • MongoDB is  database document in which one accumulation influence distinctive diverse records


shape Key Points

  • MongoDB Advantages – Advantages are the features that are compared base on RDBMS technology.
  • MongoDB Advantages – It also support the standard SQL features.