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MongoDB Data Types

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MongoDB Data Types

MongoDB Data Types

shape Description

A MongoDB Data types is a programming language, which contain set of values and data. A data type defines an appropriate kind of data, like integer, floating-point, Boolean. A data type also defines the attainable values for that type, the operations that should be possible on that sort and then stored the data.

MongoDB Data types are classified into the following types. They are as follows:


Integer category are utilized for storing the numerical esteems. And these integers can be characterised into 2 types i.e.,32 bit and 64 bits based on the server.


It is one of the most regularly utilized datatype for storing the information. Mongodb string precondition to be UTF-8 accurate.


The Boolean categories are utilized for storing the Boolean esteems.


Array categories are utilized for storing index or arrays or different esteems within a single decisive.


These double datatypes are utilized for storing inflated marked esteems.

Min/ Max keys

Min/Max keys datatypes are utilized for comparing an esteems against the most reduced and most astounding BSON components.


These object datatype are utilized for inserted records.


Timestamp datatype accessible for reported,during the archive has been adjusted or included.


These null datatype are utilized for storing the Null esteems.


These date datatype is utilized for storing the present time or date in UNIX generation position. And can be determines its own date time by making object of Date and passing day, month, year into it.

Binary data

These binary data datatype are utilized for to storing binary information.

Regular expression

These regular expression datatype are utilized for storing standard phrases.


These code MongoDB Data types is utilized for storing JavaScript cryptography to reports.


shape Key Points

  • MongoDB Data types – Is a programming language that contain set of values and data.