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MongoDB Installation

Chapter 3

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MongoDB Installation

MongoDB Installation

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The database Mongo DB Installation in windows 64 bit operating system is as follows.

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Download mongoDB community center.

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By default it will select community server.

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In the  community server, select windows server 2008 R2 64-bit and later, with SSL support.

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Click on download.

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It will download windows installer.

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It will display mongoDB 3.2.7 2008R2Plus SSL  (64 bit) Set wizard and click on next button.

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Check the box and click on next button.

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Select complete installation and click on next button.

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Click on  install button then it will run MongoDB 3.2.7 2008R2Plus SSL(64 bits) setup.

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After the setup get installed click on next button.

shape step - 11

Click on Finish button.

shape step - 12

Set the path of the directory in the command prompt.

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All the MongoDB related files will be stored in the bin folder.

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After setting the MongoDB path the execution process get started and wait for the connections.

shape step - 15

Open another command prompt and set the path again.

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In the second command prompt after setting the path type Mongo, it will display the MongoDB shell version as 3.2.7 that connects to test db.

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Whatever the operation that performed in the MongoDB shell version in the second command prompt then it will automatically accepted its connection in the first command prompt.(i.e.,1 connection now open).

shape step - 18

The MongoDB Installation process has been successfully completed.


shape Key Points

  • MongoDB Installation : Perform the MongoDB Installation using two command prompts.
  • MongoDB Installation : The installation steps for mongoDB database in windows 64 bit operating system as been performed.