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MongoDB Pipeline

Chapter 21

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MongoDB Pipeline

MongoDB Pipeline

shape Description

MongoDB pipeline operations contains an advancement stage that endeavor to modify the pipeline for more enhanced executions. In the operating system of UNIX, MongoDB Pipeline command describes the circumstances for performing the functions toward a few instructions and utilize the yield as the contribution for the following command order. And the process continues like wise.

shape Conceptual

The Conceptual figure demonstrate the MongoDB Pipeline.


$project is utilized for choosing a bit of particular fields against a set.


$match is particularly a sifting activity,hence it can diminish the measure of records that are given as contribution to the following stage.


$group will perform the genuine aggregations as examined previously.


Here in $sort the reports will be sorted.


The $limit constrains measure the records to view at the given numbers that beginning from the present location.


$skip will conceivable skip the progressive from the set  of records in a disposed measure of records.

Pipeline Expressions

shape Description

Some pipeline stages takes a pipeline expression as its operand. Pipeline expressions indicate the change to apply to the information records. Expressions have a record structure and can contain other expression. Pipeline expressions can just work on the present records in the pipeline and can’t allude to information from different reports, expression operations give in-memory change of records.

Basically, the expressions are stateless and are just assessed when seen by the total procedure with one exemption, collection of expressions. The collections, utilized as a part of the $group stage, keep up their state as reports advancement through the pipeline.


shape Key Points

  • MongoDB pipeline – Contains further enhanced platforms in an endeavor modifications.
  • Pipeline Expressions – Describes the logical collections of MongoDB database.