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MySQL Administration

Chapter 3

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MySQL Administration

MySQL Administration

shape Introduction

MySQL Administrator is a console that enables one to govern the MySQL database and perform certain operations and check how databases are operated. MySQL Administrator combines the database and preserve into a single data. 

shape Description

A Database is an accumulation of coherent related information, different operation such as add, access, and process data store can be performed in the database. And database stores a huge amount of data, and there is no problem in retrieving such huge data.

A Database contains more number of tables that may vary accordingly. A table contain many number of columns such as column_name1, column_name2 and column_name3 and so on. And in each column different number of records can be inserted.

  • Database – Is a collection of logical related data.
  • Table – Is a relational database which contain row and columns.
  • Records – Which constitutes a files.
  • Fields – Are data structures,which contain single piece of information.

shape Quick

MySQL administrator grants for efficient view and perform certain operations. So that one can quickly optimize the performance of MySQL. A query is a solicitation for data from a database. In different query optimization models, the expense of a protest arrangement as a cost vector where every vector part speaks to cost by various cost metric. Established query optimization can be considered as a unique instance of different objective query streamlining where the measurement of the cost space. 

Prevention and Recovery

shape Description

  • Backup And Restore data can be done simultaneously by simply selecting the schema’s and tables.
  • The graphical environment gives further visibility into Tabletype, Rows, Data Length, and Update time.


shape Key Points

  • By learning present chapter, the administrator can grant permissions to user, so that one can access all the privileges.
  • Query optimization is a function utilized as a part of social database administration framework.
  • Prevention and recovery is the process of simulating schemes and tables.