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MySQL Installation

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MySQL Installation

MySQL Installation

shape Introduction

Mysql installation can be done in various platforms. Current tutorial shows the installation steps for Windows platform.

The following steps describes MySQL Installation.

shape Step - 1

Initially, click on the below URL, and follow the next steps.

MySQL Download 

shape Step - 2

Go to the end of the page and find the options as shown below.

shape Step - 3

And it will redirect to another page, where following action to be done.Click on  No thanks, Just start my download.

shape Step - 4

Click on MySQL Installer Community.

shape Step - 5

It show a Welcome Box. Just click on Next button.

shape step - 6

Check the box and click Next button, to accept the terms and conditions.

shape step - 7

Choose the setup type and click Next button.

shape Step - 8

Click on Execute button, to run the installation setup.

shape Step -9

Click on Next button for product configuration.

shape Step - 10

Select the type of network and click Next button.

shape Step - 11

Enter MySQL Root password of strong entity type and repeat the same password and click Next button.

shape Step -12

Check all window service configurations and click Next button.

shape Step -13

Check all the server configurations and click on Execute button.

shape Step -14

After checking all server configurations click on the button to Finish .

shape Step - 15

Click the button to proceed for the Next step.

shape Step - 16

Click on Check box and click Next button.

shape Step -17

Click on  Execute  button .

shape Step -18

Click on Finish button.

shape Step -19

Product configuration will be shown. Click Next button.

shape Step - 20

Click on Finish button which completes installation.


shape Key Points

  • By viewing the above steps, one can easily understand the installation steps of MySQL on Windows platform.