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National Testing Agency

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National Testing Agency

shape Introduction

  • National Testing Agency is a premier, specialist, and an autonomous body that conducts entrance examination.

  • The exams are conducted by this self-sustained testing organization to provide admission and fellowship to candidates in higher educational institutions.

  • It ensures that the competencies of the candidates are assessed for admissions and recruitments in a method that matches with the international standards.

  • Therefore, the methods used by them are designed for efficiency, transparency, and error-free delivery.

  • Moreover, the National Testing Agency shall address all the issues relating to test preparation, test delivery, and test marking in the best possible way.

  • For any further assistance, visit the website: https://www.nta.ac.in/about

  • shape Vision

    National Testing Agency – Vision:

  • NTA works with the prime motive of choosing the right candidates for the best institutions. In turn, contributing to India’s demographic dividend.

  • NTA also works to develop reliable, efficient, and transparent assessments. This helps to improve the equity and maintain the quality of education provided by higher education institutions.

  • shape Objectives

    National Testing Agency – Objectives:

  • Conduct tests efficiently and transparently that meet the international standards to assess the competencies of candidates for admission and recruitment.

  • Identify the gaps in the knowledge systems by way of researching education, professional, and testing systems. Based on this, steps are taken to bridge the gap.

  • Identification of experts and institutions to set examination questions.

  • Produce and spread information and research on education and professional development standards.

  • shape Stakeholders

    National Testing Agency – Stakeholders:

    NTA intends to create a system where each stakeholder in education shall perform their roles and responsibilities.

    Below is a stakeholder analysis of NTA and the roles performed by them:

    NTA constantly engages with all its stakeholders to ensure that the quality, equity, and security of assessments promote efficiency and effectiveness in the whole education system.

    shape Functions

    National Testing Agency – Functions:

  • The primary function of NTA is the identification of partner institutions which have adequate infrastructure to conduct online examination without having an adverse impact on their academic routine.

  • NTA creates a question bank for all subject by utilizing the modern techniques.

  • NTA is keen on the establishment of an active Research and Development culture through a pool of experts belonging to different fields.

  • Help individual colleges and universities for testing.

  • Provide training and advisory services to Indian institutions.

  • Collaborate with international organizations to develop a state of art culture in India. Domestic and international expertise can be utilized to achieve the same.

  • Undertake examinations entrusted by the Ministries and Departments of the Central or State Government in India.

  • Undertake the necessary reforms and training of school boards and other bodies, so that the testing standards are comparable with the rules of the entrance examinations.

  • shape Structure

    National Testing Agency – Governing Body:

    Designation Name Occupation
    Chairman Shri, R. Subrahmanyam Secretary to Department of Higher Education, MHRD
    Member Secretary Sh. Vineet Joshi Director General to the National Testing Agency (NTA)
    Members Dr. S. S. Sandhu Additional Secretary to the Department of Higher Education, MHRD
    Ms. Darshana Momaya Dabral Joint Secretary & Financial Adviser at Department of Higher Education, MHRD
    Ms. Anita Karwal Chairperson CBSE
    Dr. Abhay Karandikar Director at IIT Kanpur
    Shri Anil Kumar Director at Department of Higher Education, MHRD
    Shri Prashant Agarwal Director (IIT), Department of Higher Education, MHRD

    shape Team

    National Testing Agency – Team:

    The team of NTA consists of subject matter experts, IT delivery and security professionals, and psychometricians. The team ensures that the gaps existing in the current assessment system are identified and bridged.

    The diagram below will give the details of the core team members at NTA:

    The success of NTA shall be dependent on how well these core team members can achieve the purpose of performing scientifically designed assessments.

    These assessments must be properly delivered also to improve equity such that candidates are selected only by their merit. Therefore, NTA constantly updates its practices and brings innovation in assessments.