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Neet Memory Tips | How to Remember Complex Concepts in NEET?

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Neet Memory Tips | How to Remember Complex Concepts in NEET?

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Tips and Tricks to Remember Complex Things in NEET Preparation

  • For any medical aspirant, NEET is the foundation stone for the candidate. Being the major exam for getting admission into the top medical colleges in India, NEET is the vital examination. The examination comprises three different sections namely Physics, Chemistry and Biology. It tests the students for the knowledge on these subjects which is comprehensive and in-depth.

  • Many students face difficulty in tackling the exam due to their failure in understanding the requirement of the examiner. Often, in exams like this, the examiner is looking to judge the conceptual understanding of the students. Focussing more on the memorization for the NEET exam can lead to confusion during the examination.

  • In this article, we shall discuss the secrets using which you can crack the NEET exam, seamlessly.

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  • Have you wondered how some students score excellent ranks in the competitive exams and score great in the board exams too? Well, there lies the major proven method to the madness for cracking the exam. Focus on the board exams!

  • Many coaching institutes instill within the aspirants that board exams are not as important as the NEET exam is. Guess what? Most of the concepts being asked in the NEET exam in subjects like Physic and Chemistry are covered from the NCERT books, which we ignore so much.

  • Having said that, while preparing for the NEET exam, another secret weapon that you must have is the decision-making skills. It comes only through rigorous practice. Knowing which question to leave and which one to spend time on, is the most important decision.

  • Now that the basic requirements are cleared, let us unveil the pandora’s box for cracking the NEET exam with flying colors. Make sure these tips are implemented before the exam.

  • Let us divide this portion into two halves. In the first half, we shall be talking about the preparation strategy to remember the complex things for the exam. In the next part, we shall jot down five important points which you must keep in mind while giving the exam.

Let us explore the new methods of preparing for the exam, which shall help you ace the test.

Have a habit of noting down and highlighting: While you are studying for the first time, it is suggested to note down any point which you find to be important. Make sure the formulas are noted down. Highlighting in the course material helps you with a quick revision. Noting down the important concepts helps you to memorize it for a longer time.

Be graphical: Biology is a subject that requires a lot of imagination skills. To foster such skills, using the graphical method to study along with images is always suggested. Associate the important terms with imageries and color code them. It shall help you to recollect them, efficiently.

Use sticky notes efficiently: Getting to assess your knowledge as you study is the best way to prepare. Sticky notes help you to note down the important bullet points to a question. Take two sticky notes, use one of them to write the answers in bullet points and the other mention the title or the question. Now, stick the notes one above another. This will help you test yourself as you study along with the notes during revision. The sticky notes can also be used to make mind maps, which have been regarded as an efficient way to use sticky notes.

Tabular representations become important: Make it a point to jot down the table and rewrite it once again. It shall help you to retain the difficult words and terms such that you don’t end up confused. Start by writing one column of the table and then take a break. Study something else for about an hour. Then, come back and complete the other half of the table to check your retention power.

Be trendy: It works wonders when you start to spot a pattern in formulas or numbers. It can often be the most effective way to remember difficult numbers or formulas. You should make particular categories for remembering certain specifications and divide them accordingly. Doing so will ensure that you don’t end up confusing yourself with similar formulas or concepts.

Divide and conquer: The NEET exam is one of the biggest examinations with more than 5 lakh candidates appearing worldwide. What is more interesting is the volume of the course which needs to be covered. In order to ensure that you deal with it effectively, divide the course into smaller sub-fragments. Dividing them will reduce the psychological pressure on you. Moreover, you can create your own strategy to study these smaller fragments and recite them repeatedly to ace the course.

Tackle real-time questions: This is the most essential part of the preparation. Give as many mock tests and attempt as many questions as possible. Devise your own strategy to handle the questions. Attempting more questions will let you know about your accuracy, weak links as well as understand which questions are to be let go.

Stay confident: Most of the students have put forward their concern that they study everything, yet fail to perform efficiently. One of the major reasons cited by them is the lack of confidence in the exam hall. It is recommended not to any last-minute study and keep yourself calm during the examination. Sipping water from the water bottle also helps to reduce the nerves during the examination.

Start with your strongest section: Know to play to your strengths. Start with the section in which you are most confident in scoring good marks. It will help you to increase your confidence along with the exam and help you to complete that particular section soon.

Time management: Often students end up dedicating more than the required amount of time on the tougher problems. It is suggested to shift to the easier ones and park the tougher questions for later attempts.

Focus on accuracy: NEET has a component of negative marking. For every wrong answer you give, you end up getting a penalty score. Hence, it gets very necessary to attempt only those questions, which you are sure of.

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