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NIACL Assistant Reasoning Ability

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NIACL Assistant Reasoning Ability

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NIACL Assistant 2018 – Preliminary Examination, conducted in online Mode, has: a duration of 1 hour, a total of 100 questions, a maximum score of 100 marks, and consists of 3 sections, namely – English Language, Reasoning Ability and Numerical Ability. The 3 sections are separately timed and the questions can be attempted in any order. There is a Negative marking in NIACL Assistant Preliminary exam and 0.25 marks are deducted for each wrong answer. Candidates must clear the cut-off in all 3 sections to qualify for the NIACL Assistant Main exam. The below sections gives the detailed information about NIACL Assistant Reasoning Ability.

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SL. No. Name of the test No of questions Marks Duration
1 Test of English Language 30 30 20 Minutes
2 Test of Reasoning 35 35 20 Minutes
3 Test of Numerical Ability 35 35 20 Minutes
Total 100 100

The NIACL Assistant Reasoning Ability section in the Prelims, has a total of 35 questions with 35 marks in 20 minutes. Below mentioned are the different categories of expected questions in the Preliminary Exam of NIACL Assistant Reasoning Ability Section.

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[Click Here] for NIACL Assistant Prelims Syllabus

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1. Direction: In each of the questions below are given three statements, followed by conclusions: I, II, III, IV. You have to take the given statements to be true even if they seem to be at variance from commonly known facts. Read the conclusions and then decide which of the given conclusions logically follows from the given statements disregarding commonly known facts.

Statements: Some ships are boats. All boats are submarines. Some submarines are yatches.


      I. Some yatches are boats.
      II. Some submarines are boats.
      III. Some submarines are ships.
      IV. Some yatches are ships

    A) All follow
    B) Only II and III follow
    C) Only III follows
    D) Only IV follows

Answer: Option B

2. Blood Relation
If A is the brother of B; B is the sister of C; and C is the father of D, how D is related to A?

    A. Brother
    B. Sister
    C. Nephew
    D. Cannot be determined

Answer: Option D

3. Coding Decoding
In certain code ‘FROZEN’ is written as ‘OFAPSG’. Then how would ‘MOLTEN’ be written in that code?


Answer: Option C

4. Order and Ranking
In a queue, Amrita is 10th from the front while Mukul is 25th from behind and Mamta is just in the middle of the two. If there be 50 persons in the queue. What position does Mamta occupy from the front?

    A. 20th
    B. 19th
    C. 18th
    D. 17th

Answer: Option C

5. Data Sufficiency
What day is the fourteenth of a given month?

      I. The last day of the month is a Wednesday.
      II. The third Saturday of the month was seventeenth.

    A. if the data in statement I alone are sufficient to answer the question;
    B. if the data in statement II alone are sufficient to answer the question;
    C. if the data either in I or II alone are sufficient to answer the question;
    D. if the data even in both the statement together are not sufficient to answer the question;
    E. if the data in both the statements together are needed.

Answer: Option B

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