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NIACL Assistant Roles and Responsibilities

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NIACL Assistant Roles and Responsibilities

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A NIACL Assistant is responsible for assisting the Administrative Officers of each section. As a NIACL Assistant, one may be responsible to undertake various data entry processes initially. NIACL Assistant Roles and Responsibilities can be classified into the following categories.

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NIACL Assistant Roles and Responsibilities:

1. Underwriting
2. Claims
3. Accounts

Underwriting: Underwriting is a data entry process. Underwriting involves the following tasks.

  • Acceptance of proposals, signing/ issuing policies.

  • Use computers to enter, access and retrieve financial data.

  • Write business correspondence.

  • Gather relevant financial data.

Claims: Involves all the legal and non-legal aspects of claims of customers and their settlement and following tasks.

  • Apply insurance rating systems.

  • Calculate the amount of claim.

  • Contact insured or other involved persons to obtain missing information.

  • Organize and work with detailed office or warehouse records, using computers to enter, access, search and retrieve data.

  • Post or attach information to claim file.

  • Prepare and review insurance-claim forms and related documents for completeness.

  • Provide customer services, such as giving limited instructions on how to proceed with claims or providing referrals to auto repair facilities or local contractors.

  • Review insurance policy to determine coverage.

  • Transmit claims for payment or further investigation.

Accounts: Involves payments, preparation of balance sheets, accounting transactions etc.

shape Probation

The newly appointed employees will be on probation for a minimum period of 6 months. Before the probation period comes to an end the performance of the newly recruited employees will be evaluated and the probation period of those employees whose performance fails to meet the Company’s expectation, may be extended.

Candidates resigning from the Company during the probationary period and candidates whose services are terminated by the Company during the probationary period shall be liable to pay the amount equivalent to the salary paid and an amount of Rs. 25,000/- towards the partial cost of training. No lien/ bond executed to retain a substantive post with the present employer will be binding upon the Company and no leave, Salary or Pension Contribution will be made.