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Oracle 12C Net Management Tools

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Oracle 12C Net Management Tools

Oracle 12C Net Management Tools

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Oracle 12C Net Management Tools describe various administration tools of oracle net services and these Oracle 12C Net Management Tools explains about administrations applications such as oracle net manager and oracle enterprise manager and can install the command-line control utilities.

Oracle Net Control Utilities

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Oracle Net Services provides the following tools to help you start, stop, configure and control each network component.

Listener Control Utility

The listener control empowers us to administration the listener and the syntax is


LSNRCTL command [listener_name]


The command starts with listener named lsnr

Listener control utility commands at the LSNRCTL program prompt. For obtaining this compose lsnrctl with no arguments at the program phases.

Oracle Connection Manager Control Utility

The oracle connection manager control utility enables one to oracle connection manager. While giving the commands from the operating system and the syntax is.


cmct1{command} [argument1….argumentN] instance_name} {-p}


cmctl STARTUP -c cman1 -p

Oracle connection manager utility command at the cmctl program prompt and for obtaining it enter cmctl with no arguments at the operating system command line.

Client Interface Tools

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Oracle Net Servics provides certain tools to execute the administrative tasks and perform the configurations and contain the accompanying stages.

Oracle Net Manager

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Oracle Net Manager gives venture wide availability arrangements in dispersed, heterogeneous processing situations. Oracle Net Services facilitate the complexities of system arrangements administrations, boot execution and enhance system analytic capacities.

This segment presents the fundamentals system administrations ideas included in a common system design. The subject include:

Net Configuration Assistant

Net Configuration Assistant (NETCA) is used to empower the naming strategies and configure listeners, which are basic parts of the Oracle Database network.

Oracle enterprise manager

Oracle Enterprise Manager contain collection of web-based tools aimed at managing software and hardware produced by Oracle Corporation and some non-Oracle entities. Oracle Enterprise Manager is Oracle’s on-premises administration stage, giving a solitary sheet of glass for dealing with the greater part of a client’s Oracle arrangements, whether in their server farms or in the Oracle Cloud. Through profound joining with Oracle’s item stack, Enterprise Manager gives market-driving administration and robotization support for databases, middle ware, Oracle applications, equipment and built frameworks.

Optioning oracle enterprise manager and oracle net manager

In Oracle Enterprise Manager the features will be Configures:

  • Listeners
  • Local naming
  • Directory naming

And provides multiple Oracle home support across multiple file system and the ability to sort and sort directory naming entries and contain export directory naming entries to a tnsnames.ora file and performs the following administrative tasks for a selected listener:

  • Change status
  • Show current status
  • Change logging settings
  • Change tracing settings

Obligations of a Network Administrator

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As a network administrator consisting of following tasks:

  • Setting up the system
  • Growing the system
  • Keeping up the system
  • Outlining and arranging the system

All the tasks perform different tasks in the networking phases and specialized in specific areas such as network maintenance.

Setting up the system

This is the first phase containing in the network life cycle and this work doesn’t usually performed by network administrators. In networking designing involves taking a decisions regarding the network types that are very good and satisfy the organisation goals. In huge network this task is performed by a specialist architect in a network both for hardware and software needs.

Keeping up the system

This phase is performed after the design phase.After designing the a network it involves configuration and setting the network and implements the installation of hardware and gathering all the network physical parts and configure the database files, network configuration server, routers and hosts.

Keeping up the system

This is the third phase of network administration and consists of tasks that are typically ongoing on and consists huge responsibilities like.

  • Administering network securit
  • Trouble shooting network problems
  • Administering network security
  • Administering network services

Outlining and arranging the system

In this the network is placed and check whether it is properly functioning and expand the services and features. Presently one can expand the network connections by installing news configuration hosts and expand services of a network by additionally providing shared services and for single network it will expand to point where it can no longer efficiently operated.
Several choices are available for expanding a network.

  • Configuration a new network and joining all the existing networks by functioning a mean machine router.
  • Configuration of clients in machines areas sites and connecting them through telephones lines.
  • UUCP communication configuration will enable the client to transfer files through electronic mail.


shape Key Points

  • Oracle 12C Net Management Tools – Describe various administration tools of oracle net services and administration applications.
  • Oracle net control utilities – Describe a network configuration like starting and stopping a service.
  • Client interface tools – Execute the administrative task provided by Oracle net services.
  • Obligations of a Network Administrator – Consists of features and functions of oracle administrator.