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Oracle 12C User Creation

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Oracle 12C User Creation

Oracle 12C User Creation

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Oracle 12C User Creation can be used to create a new user in the Oracle Database. Oracle 12C User Creation  is used to configure and create users in the database, through which the user can log into the database and an establish mutual connection between user and oracle database.

The Oracle 12C User Creation statement can be issued in an clustered oracle automatic storage engagement to maintain password and user combination between the files that includes the current nodes containing the oracle ASM instance. All the oracle ASM instance nodes uses this statements to upgrade it’s own individual password files. The ORAPWD utility can create the password by itself. Through application server or by proxy application.

Create user system privileges should be contain in the database. The create user statement is used to create a user, and contain the user privileges domain is empty. For logging into the oracle database, create session system privilege should be contained for a user. Hence after creating a user, you should grant the user for create session system privileges. Only authentication user as system can issue the command to alter the oracle ASM instance password file.

General user creation work flow

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Identifty manager workflow explain a set of tasks and sequence of actions, that are executed accordingly for defined set of rules. By using identity manager integrated development environment interface , one can customize each workflow developed by identity manager. Before progressing on workflow,first understand about workflow concepts and identity manager used in workflow.

What is workflow

In logical terms, a workflow is generally a repeatable process during which information,tasks and documents are transferred from one user to another user to perform a set of actions and procedurals rules. A member maybe a machine,user or both. In identity manager, the concept is implemented specifically as the identity manager component workflow, consisting of multiple workflows components that handle update, creation, disabling, enabling and client accounts removal.

Operations on workflow

The operation workflow tasks defines a set of workflow processes defined in identity manager. when a client is created in manager identity, for instance the sequences process work flow defines a set of activities that includes:

  • Make client account
  • Make review archives
  • Check password arrangements
  • Send email to opposer

work processes can run naturally with no client communication or require client connection as an endorsement.  Work processes are normally dispatched as a symptom of checking in a perspective. Perspectives are checked in when you click Save on a page that actualizes structures and perspectives. Inside the Identity Manager archive, a work process exists as an arrangement object, normally of Type WF Process. The undertaking Type is dependably Workflow.

Managing Users with Enterprise DB Express 12c

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In enterprise manager database express in database 12c contain the following key features

  • EM DB Express is not Grid Control or Cloud Control
  • EM DB Express cannot be changed for the DB controller in 11g,as it has altogether less usefulness
  • A DBA doesn’t administer the oracle database by using EM DB Express.

If cloud control is used by any organisation and doesn’t defined on EM database express. If one performing on one database and want to perform different tasks, then choose EM Database Express.

The database installation describes the configuration of EM express database. By using XML DB infrastructure,the DB control will run from the inside end of the database. For instance of running check the HTTPS port is set for XML DB or not.

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SQL>EXEC DBMS_XDB_CONFIG.sethttpsport(5500);
PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.

And after the process get completed, EM Database Express is get accessed by the url.


The usage includes the structures for creating DB express such as configurations like initialization parameters, current database properties, memory, database feature usage. And storage contain redo log group, control files, archive logs and undo managements. security features contain roles and users. All these are executed and performed by SQL tuning advisor and hub performance.


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  • Oracle 12C User Creation – Is used to create new user in oracle database.
  • General user creation and workflow – Defines the set of workflows and other operations.
  • Managing users with enterprise DB express 12c – Contains EM DB Express components and various other details.