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Oracle Architecture

Chapter 3

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Oracle Architecture

Oracle Architecture

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An Oracle database is an accumulation of information regarded as a unit. The motivation behind the database is to store and recover related data. A database server is the key to undertake the issues of data administration. When all is said in done, a server dependably deals with a lot of information in a multi user situation so that numerous clients can simultaneously get to the same information. This is expert while conveying elite. A database server likewise counteracts unapproved get to and gives productive answers for disappointment recuperation.

Oracle Architecture Database is the primary database intended for big business lattice registering, the most adaptable and practical approach to oversee data and applications. Endeavour matrix figuring makes extensive pools of industry-standard, particular stockpiling and servers. With this design, each new framework can be quickly provisioned from the pool of segments. There is no requirement for crest workloads, since limit can be effortlessly included or reallocated from the asset pools as required.

The database has physical structures and logical structures. since the logical and physical structures are partitioned, the physical stockpiling of information can be overseen without influencing the entrance to coherent stockpiling structures.

Oracle database

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The Oracle 12C Database is a group of information and regarded as a single unit. The motivation behind the database is to store and recover relevant data. A db server is the way to determine the issues related to database administration. A server dependably deals with a lot of information in a multi user domain in which numerous clients can simultaneously get to the similar information. This can be cultivated when distributing high performance. And server can also avoid illegitimate entries and brings adequate explanations for decline recuperation.

Oracle 12C is the main database intended for big business framework processing, the most adaptable price compelling way to guide the data and operations. Endeavour framework figuring makes substantial pools of management-rules, particular stockpiling and servers. Based on this design, all original framework can be quickly indulge into the segments. And no requirement for crest assignments, since limit can be effortlessly included from the assets.

Database contain coherent and physical designs. Since the consistent and physical designs are independent the substantial stockpiling of information can be overseen beyond influencing the entries to sensible stockpiling designs.

Oracle instance

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An arrangement of memory structures that oversees database documents is called Database Instance. The create database statement are a collection of physical files on the disc inside the central database. The instance accords with its associated information in the database are serves and the clients.

Database is combined with not less than one Oracle database instance. Since a database exists on disc and instance exists in memory, a database can exist without an instance and instance can exist without a database.

Structure of database instance

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At the starting of an instance, the system global area will be allocated in the memory by oracle database and then background processes will be started. The various purposes that the SGA can be included are as follows.

  • Buffering redo information before composing it to the online redo log documents.
  • Putting away SQL execution plans.
  • Maintaining internal data structures that are accessed by many processes and threads concurrently.
  • Caching data blocks read from disk.

The Oracle processes contribute the SGA, which comprises of server processes and background processes, executing in a specific system.The operating system by which the oracle  processes associated with the SGA differs according. The background processes are a part of database instance. The process memory and the server processes are allocated in these processes, that contained in the instance.When server processes terminate the instance continues to function.

Configuration of database instance

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Oracle Database can be keep running in both of the accompanying fundamentally unrelated arrangements.

Single-instance configuration

Between the instance and the database one-to-one relationship exists.

Oracle Real Application Clusters (Oracle RAC) configuration

A one-to-numerous relationship exists among the  instances and  database.

Client/server architecture

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In the Oracle Architecture database, the database and the database application are divided into a client/server architecture:

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  • The server runs the Oracle Database software and handles the functions required for concurrent, shared data access to an Oracle database.
  • The client runs the database application, for example, SQL*Plus or a Visual Basic data entry program, that accesses database information and interacts with a user.

Advantages of a Client/Server Architecture

  • Oracle Database client/server architecture in a distributed processing environment provides a number of benefits.
  • Oracle Database exploits the multitasking and shared-memory facilities of its underlying operating system. Consequently, it delivers the highest possible degree of concurrency, data integrity, and performance to its client applications.
  • Client applications are not responsible for performing data processing. Rather, they request input from users, request data from the server, and then analyse and present this data using the display capabilities of the client workstation or the terminal (for example, using graphics or spreadsheets).
  • Client applications are not dependent on the physical location of the data. Even if the data is moved or distributed to other database servers, the application continues to function with little or no modification.


shape Key Point

  • Oracle Architecture – Oracle Architecture shows how the process and the execution takes place inside the oracle database.
  • Oracle database – Is a collection of all logical related data.
  • Oracle instance – An arrangement of memory structures that oversees database documents is called Database Instance.
  • Client/server architecture – Are the database objects of user and database admin.