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Oracle Management Tools

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Oracle Management Tools

Oracle Management Tools

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In Oracle Database is a relational database with Extensible Markup Language (XML) and object capabilities contained for Oracle Management Tools. Oracle Database enables to update it, store data and efficiently retrieve it, with a high degree of reliability, scalability and performance. In a relational database, all data is stored in two-dimensional tables that are composed of rows and columns.

Oracle Database contains the components that Oracle Management Tools software that are introduced on the host pc. The accumulation of physical records on one or more disks in the database. The database contains metadata, client data and control structures. Data or metadata about the data, is the collection of information on disc that licenses Oracle programming to oversee client information. An example, the data dictionary is a metadata. Control structures guarantee the availability, integrity and recoverability of client information.

Oracle instance consists of both server process and background process. Server process work behalf of applications and clients. Temporary storage and memory used by these processes. These processes execute and parse sql statements, and retrieve and return results to the  application or client. In background processes, which are the working framework procedures or strings that perform the work of storing, accessing, recovering and monitoring user data, control files and metadata related to the database. The background processes uses shared memory area.

Oracle Net, which is a product layer that empowers oracle database and user applications and convey over a system, and the Oracle Net listener, which is a procedure that listens for association demands from the system.

Sample tools with programs

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Describes a sample tool that describes how to create a table based on sample tools.

   program_name           => 'my_program1',
   program_action         => '/usr/local/bin/date',
   program_type           => 'EXECUTABLE',
   comments               => 'My comments here');

Dropping a programming aurgments

   program_name            => 'operations_reporting',
   argument_position       => 2,
   argument_name           => 'end_date',
   argument_type           => 'VARCHAR2',
   default_value           => '12-DEC-03');

Tools for oracle management

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The following are the Oracle Management Tools.

Oracle Database Configuration Assistant

Oracle Database Configuration Assistant is an utility that makes a database from layouts that are supplied by Oracle, or you can make your own. It empowers duplicate and a preconfigured seed database, along these lines sparing the time and exertion of producing and redoing another database.

Oracle Universal Installer

Oracle Universal Installer (OUI) is a used for introducing opinions and Oracle programming. It can naturally begin Oracle Database Configuration Assistant to introduce a new database.

Oracle Enterprise Manager Database Control

The primary product for managing the database in Web-based interface and Oracle Enterprise Manager Database Control. After installing the Oracle Database software, upgraded or create a database and configured the network, and use Database Control to manage the database. Database Control likewise gives an interface to execution counsels and for Oracle utilities, for example, SQL*Loader and Recovery Manager (RMAN).

Net Configuration Assistant

Net Configuration Assistant (NETCA) is used to empower the naming strategies and configure listeners, which are basic parts of the Oracle Database network.

Database Upgrade Assistant

The Database Upgrade Assistant is a device that aides one through the update of the current database to another Oracle Database discharge.


shape Key Points

  • Oracle Management Tools – Are the configuration assistant installed in the database.
  • Oracle database configuration assistant – Is used for creating the database templates.
  • Oracle Universal Installer – Used for installing Enterprise Manager Grid Control.
  • Net Configuration Assistant – Is a wizard-based tool with a graphical user interface.
  • Database Upgrade Assistant – guides to  configures the database and upgrade the process for the new release.